Wednesday 24 November 2010

Nearly there...and a ta dah moment

Hello everyone, I have had a busy work week so far and with Mr. A away on business in Switzerland I somehow THOUGHT I may have more time to finish my WIP's... ha ha little did I know that little Miss Alice had her own plans. Plans that would involve baking biscuits, making Christmas cards, watching the odd DVD, doing homework, playing libraries, looking for ladybirds in the frozen mornings, building a(nother !!) den and writing a play for opening night when daddy comes home on Saturday!

She is a heavenly girl and my very bestest friend and so she thought it might be fun if we did "what mummy wants"  last night...oh boy I ran for my needles, hooks, yarn anything I could get my hands on and we resorted to her continuing to knit her scarf (from last winter!) and me edging towards finishing off 2 priority projects before a friend's birthday on Friday. Oh yes, I also managed to squeeeze in some fingerless mitts for Alice, perfect for playground playing whilst at school.

The purple stripes match her beanie hat I made for her in early November

She is most pleased with all that purple power.

Now for a little ta-dah today, I can't believe what a crazy woman I've become rushing home by 3.30pm to get a reasonably decent photo if it's been a sunny day and before it sets! My neighbours are starting to worry about me and my outdoor snap shots!!!
So here is that candy granny blanket for Jennifer's birthday, it seemed to take for eeeeeeevvvvver and I did get extremely bored after I had sewn the candy coloured squares together and then had to go round and round and round to make it bigger. I got so lazy at the end that I didn't even do a picot or shell edging... but I must say I am pleased with the colours, happy and candy.

The purple made me happy at the end, I think it has given the blanket a slightly funky edge.

Now for the "nearly there" reveal...

Alice will have to be patient with me tonight as I aim to try and have this finished by tomorrow ( I thought we could play wool shop later, do you think she'll buy that?), it's all the boring bits that need to be done, adding buttons, sewing up etc and I need to crochet a few leaves too, watch this space for the FO xox

On the way home yesterday I popped into one of my LYS's to buy some red buttons and had a close encounter of the crochet book kind...

Ooooooooooooooo Christmas has come early ! A friend of mine has this delicious book which I have drooled over in the past and since it was there begging me to purchase it and give it a good home I simply could not resist, so the hooky library grows ;0)

Oh and these cyclamen's needed a good home too !

Another little surprise that came my way over the last couple of weeks were two lovely blog awards firstly from Planet Penny

and secondly from Stitch of love

Thank you so much I feel rather special! and I shall pass these on to other bloggers soon, when I have a mo. 

Well, it's time for me to get busy, so I shall say goodbye with a picture of today's sunset thinking of all those families and friends of the very tragic miners who died at Pike River mine in New Zealand today xox


  1. Congrats on your award, love Miss Alice's wristwarmers and hat but most of all, her dimples! The granny is gorgeous.

  2. What a lush post!
    Love the little mitts, they're so cute and that candy granny blanket is gorgeous!!!!! I love those colours and the purple is highly funkalicious!
    Love the pillow, it's so dainty and lovely, loving those soft colours, your friends are going to be thrilled.
    Lots of love to you, crafty genious! And congrats on the awards, you deserve them, your blog is such a lovely wonderful place to visit and have a catch up with the loveliness that is you!!!! XXXXXXXXX

  3. Oh I love love love love love love love love love love love love (do you get me??) love the granny blanket!! It's soooo beautiful! Smashingly beautiful! Congrats, also with the award and I'll think of the miners, with you.

  4. I love the round cushion the flowers are a perfect adornment, they look so pretty.
    I wouldn't mind a dip into that book too!


  5. My very first blog posts were about a blanket I made from that very book, Penelope! Your own blanket is really lovely, I'm sure your friend will be thrilled. You've been so busy 'cos that cushion is gorgeous too.