Saturday 6 November 2010

The power of PINK

I am feeling better day by day and in times like this cliche's like 'light at the end of the tunnel' really make sense, funny that, how a cliche becomes so meaningful as one grows older. Thank you all for your gentle comments of kindness and encouragement. You guys are the best!

Not sure if you agree but I feel that these grey autumn days are not conducive to heart skipping delight and today seems to be especially bleak... perfect for a dickens novel really. But while it's grey outside, it's pink inside chez L is for Love.

I have had a roller coaster ride with pink throughout my 40 years, it never really featured in my dictionary of colours when I was a little girl (so my childhood photo's tell me) and it totally grossed me out when I was a young teenager, late teens and early 20's black featured mostly and moving to the UK when I was 25 re-enforced this with all the Londoner's running about in black and grey (I arrived in winter!) 

But then,I fell pregnant with Alice in 2000 and something changed... I discovered the power of pink and I was in for the ride xox

I just like saying P.I.N.K. it just makes me happy to say it... sorry small things please me at the moment.

Over the last couple of days I have been re-igniting my love for pink again and took some photo's to share this with all you lovelies.

Firstly, a cushion I have just finished sewing for Alice's bed, I used a lovely cotton pink and white polka dot fabric bought from here and 'upcycled' a vintage cloth for the centre circle and added little birdies made from some of my vintage fabric stash, she is very happy with it indeed xox

Then came the joy of wondering what wall in Alice's room we would put these 3 beauties my exquisite fine artist friend Bronwen made. Do browse through her website if you would like to see her fine, fine art.

We all need to play, wish and dream a little more don't you think?

Then came a little yarn goodness, mirasol spun in Peru is just a pleasure to knit or crochet with. It's soft cotton and merino touch make it so silky and somehow encourage you to the point where you can't put it down. Very good for someone like me who gets distracted so easily!

And so from the above skein a ball was rolled and a heart was hooked.

I feel awful, as it was about a month ago that I found this pattern and printed it out and cannot for the life of me remember where I found it. All I can remember is that it had a Swedish connection, so if you are out there please forgive me for not acknowledging who you are and thank you for the joy of this beautiful pattern.

Edit: Oh frabulous day, Victoria from Yarn around hook blog is the very clever lady who translated the heart pattern from swedish into english...I knew there was a swedish connection and am soooo pleased to acknowledge Victoria now that she has let me know it was her beauty. Do look at her blog it's ever so inspiring xox
It's for Alice's new book shelf and storage cabinet and she is best pleased with it.

Well, that's me at the moment, I'm off to curl up this afternoon with my Country Living magazine which is focusing on 'the revival of wool' this month ...what bliss  

and I shall leave you with a parting shot of one of my favourite things I like to do.... collect old bottles, decorate them and pop a flower or two in them around the house.

Have a wonderful, colourful weekend xox


  1. Hi Penelope,

    I am so happy today reading you, feeling the PINK from you, that's great.

    Love wonderful things you made, they are awesome! The small beauties for Alice's room look soooooooo lovely, sweet and in PINK! Love them very much!

    Really love the heart pattern, I also have a WIP of hearts, will show them up soon :)

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Hello Penelope!
    Glad to hear you're feeling better and have been harnessing that loving pink energy to give you some healing!!! As well as green, which is the colour which vibrates with the heart chakra, pink is the colour for healing the heart, so go with the pinky goodness!!!!!
    Loving all of your things you've made and those tiles from your friend are just magical sweetness aren't they?
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend XXX

  3. Hi Penelope. Thanks for your comment over on my blog. I love that cushion and the Swedish heart. I translated the pattern into English and am so pleased people are trying it and it works!

    1. Hi, Victoria,
      I found your translation of the Swedish heart on your blog, and made one. It turned out great! When I tried to access your blog again to make another one, I was denied access. Could you invite me to view your blog?

  4. Hi Penelope
    I found your blog via a post you put a Alices blog (Crochet with Raymond) Just had a very quick sneak around yours....loved the poundshop it an independant poundshop or the official 'Poundland'?
    Have a lovely weekend
    Heather x

  5. Penelope - I too avoided pink for years and years. There's something truly freeing about growing older and losing all those prejudices about colors and their meaning. I'm not weak if I wear pink, I just LIKE PINK! <3

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  6. Thank you for your comment! And yes, pink is a lovely color, a lovely word, and a happy state of mind. I hope you are having a great day and keep thinking PINK!

  7. Glad you are feeling in the pink! Love the heart. I've been trying to work out a crochet heart myself so if I can't get to grips with it I know where to go! Penny x

  8. Hi Penelope, thanks for commenting!

    Thought I'd pop over for a look. Love the crochet heart going to give this a try, so glad you have the update with the details! Regards Julia