Thursday 11 November 2010


Dearest lovely fellow bloggers, where oh where is this?

I NEED some sunshine to take photographs of my latest crochet finished project and my camera is saying no way to photography in weather like this

To say I feel a little frustrated would be under estimating my emotional radar this late afternoon. How do you cope trying to take photos indoors and stop creating a shadow every time you lean over ? I think I need to take a leaf out of Alice and Raymond's book and take my pretties on a location tour to get the right light ;0)

Once my daughter Alice and I made a papier mache sunflower after 3 weeks of solid grey and pretended it was the real deal ... anything to keep the blues away. Right now it's lots of colour and cake in our house, and maybe just maybe I might be able to squeeze a photo or 2 in tomorrow!

Hope your days are filled with sunshine, rainbows, butterflies and little flowers , see you all soon xox


  1. I absolutely hate the grey days as well. Luckily here in Ohio we are having an "Indian Summer". Sunshine and temps around 70. But just in time for the weekend the skies are going to turn grey again and the temps will be in the low 50s...*sigh* I do not like the colder months.

  2. Oh yes!!! Location location location!!!!!
    It's imperative I have decided, to take the crochet somewhere special and make a big fuss!!! is this your candy granny blanket you've finished? Ooooh! Hope so!!!

  3. Urrrgh! I know just how you feel! When the daylight never actually arrives and you spend all day with the light on looking at the rain on the window. I shouldn't complain, my poor other half is sitting on a gas platform in the middle of the North Sea in these gales. Here's hoping for a better weekend, looking forward to seeing your photos, love Penny xx