Friday 1 March 2013


  • So, March has started and despite the rain for most of today I noticed some wet primulas beaming their yellowness saying look at us, look at us. This pleased me as I am so very fed up with all the grey and gloom. I think I saw the sun for about half an hour this week.
  • My latest knitting project started on Monday eve. I thought I'd knit up an aran yarn beanie for my chilly cycles, but it looks like its going to be too small for my BIG* head! So, frustrating, but I want to finish it and will be giving it to the lovely S whom I work with. She cycles a lot and I think will like this beanie.
  • Playing with brooches and badges,making wee little statements on my clothing this week.
  • My new treat to myself book from Made in Hastings. This is going to be my book of lists inspired by Pip Lincolne from Meet me at Mikes.
  • Broken plates for my mosaic making day on 9/3/13
  • A 50p square of embroidered cotton to add to my pile of fabric for my Spring pathwork duvet cover plans
  • A new brown leather belt. I haven't bought a belt since 2000 and have been waiting for this beauty to appear in my life. I only have one belt ever and so my old (eeek... studded believe it or not) black leather belt will be in a charity shop tomorrow.

How has your week been?

I've been very sleepy, but now feel I'm back into the routine of work again. Its been a busy and informative week at work.

Thank you for all your comments,
I read and enjoy each and everyone of them.

Wishing you some awe and wonder this weekend
See you all soon

* I have a rather large head and when I graduated from University I had to have a mortar board dusted off from the downstairs storage room in the shop where we hired them from!!! 


  1. The beanie looks interesting! I like the colour, it would go great with my bike too :)

  2. Lots of lovely things, especially the pretty, cheery yellow....we've also had lots of grey, cold, gloom...roll on sun and warmth.

    I too have a good sized head, as do my three boys!

    I was thinking about you earlier today, as I made a milk tart for my hubby on request, we had some for tea and although it was very yummy it was not 'like his mum's I notice there is a massive variance in the recipes, so I'll try another soon, and hopefully hit the right one.

  3. I'll happily add my name to your big head list! I struggle to find hats that pull down enough to stay on my head on a breezy day.
    Lovely photos.

  4. I have a big head too :)

    Have a great weekend!

    Lluisa x

  5. Love your notebook....I like making lists too...just the act of writing things down is pleasing. And that little embroidered flower is beautiful. I am longing for milder weather now....dying to get my bike out ( not brave like you, I' m afraid). In the meantime, I am walking everyday. The dampness is doing crazy things to my hair though! :)

  6. Lovely photos. I love the yarn you are using for your hat, it looks lovely and soft and such a nice colour.
    M xxxx

  7. Lots of lovely things here! Love the colour of your yarn....really zingy! :) x

  8. The mustard wool it goregous, can't wait to see the finished product! - Annie