Friday 7 June 2013

23/52....I can see a rainbow

June has been kind to us so far with fair weather and sun shining days which I almost felt would never arrive after the silly Winter we had! I hope you have had a lovely week doing what you do, this week is all about colour,sweet happy moments of bursts of rainbow colours to delight my senses.

 There has been:






Pink (not officially in a rainbow, but I couldn't ignore all the pink around at the moment!)

And Blue



Sock Yarn Hand Dyed superwash Celeste in SHIBORI INDIGO yarn superwash merino nylon

I hope you have enjoyed this burst of rainbow colours and that you too are having bursts of colours now that Summer seems to have arrived here in the Northern Hemisphere.

Happy week-ending to you and yours
See you soon


  1. What fantastic pics! All those glorious colours! I love the orange VW is a huge fave with me. And I spy a certain orange and blue flowery bag that looks familiar. ;)

    Happy weekend Penny! xx

  2. Penny, these are fantastic images, the colours are so vivid! Love those blue flowers. Did you get my email? :) x

  3. And happy weekending to you too! The colours are looovely! Love the indigo yarn...gorgeous! I do love colour, I am currently wrapped in my granny stripe in Lucy colours and you can't beat it!

    I am a little way into the secret life of bees, really enjoying it so far, in fact I think I may turn in now and try and read before I fall asleep!

  4. I love the colour theme to your happy things. This sun just makes everything feel better. I am loving it. Wishing you a lovely weekend. x

  5. Lovely lovely piccies, Penny! I keep nipping into the garden with my camera - whether I have a blog-post to write or not! Just love clicking away at those beautiful flowers out there. Have a lovely week end and hope you have more sun than we are getting here on the east coastal area! Lx

  6. Gorgeous photos Penny! I too, can't resist going into the garden with my camera, this morning is grey but it suited the photos I wanted to take as sometimes the sun can be too blinding and take the true colour out of the flowers. Photos on blog later today.

  7. Lovely, lovely, lovely! I think the blue of that forget me not is stunning x Jane

  8. Such a beautiful assortment of colours...just like a rainbow!

    Nina x

  9. Loving the rainbow theme, great idea!