Tuesday 4 June 2013


Nothing like something as simple as winding yarn to help me to switch off and relax in the evenings, something that involves a repetitive motion like winding a skein of yarn into a ball of yarn.

I just caught that very last bit of dusky light this evening at about 21h20 to show you my gorgeous Brooklyn Tweed yarn that has been waiting patiently for about 6 months for me to wind it in preparation for some hooky joy.

Hope you are all having a great week so far
See you soon


  1. What's that saying, one man's meat is another man's poison (not sure if I am totally mixing quotes!) funny....the thought of winding yarn makes me squirmy! I am always winding impatiently wanting to knit/crochet...so much so, it has totally put me off having skeins.

    Do you have a wind-y thing, or an upside down chair (like me) or a very lovin family member?

  2. Yes, I appreciate what you mean Faith with getting impatient to get knitting or crocheting and skeins can be very testing at times. I don't have one of those wind-y things (now I wonder what they are callled?) I usually use a chair or very patiently unwind the skein bit by bit as I wind the wool into a ball. I have got myself into a tizz before knotting all the yarn up and having to spend a very long time un-knotting it all!

  3. Ooh lovely yarn, I have a BT shade card coming my way any day now and can hardly wait. I wonder what you're going to do with yours? I believe the technical term is 'ball winder' and they're quite expensive things. I either use a couple of chairs or, more likely these days, pop over to the yarn shop and use their winder!!
    Happy knitting x

  4. My Mum is a knitter and I remember when she knitted prolifically (when we were all kids) she had one of those ball winder thingymabobs..I liked to wind wool for her..wouldn't give it the time of day now though!

    I think I was in bed and asleep at 9.20pm...I tend to wake up as soon as it starts to get light (this morning I woke at 3.45) and so I need to crash early, otherwise I spend summer being tired and grumpy. :) Nice light though. So blue!

  5. This is a lovely yarn, Penny, when you get a close up the colours really do emerge. So what are you going to change this into, by the magical alchemy of crochet?
    I always fancy finding a really fine, variegated yarn and try one of those scarves that what'shername makes - arrrgh I keep forgetting it,Sophie something beginning with D! (Blimey I'm blethering now!!) But you know who I mean, those beautiful light-as-air crocheted scarves with the colours meandering through he motifs.

    I can appreciate the quiet, meditative movements of skein-winding, but confess I would be a bit impatient to get going, myself! Lx

  6. I used to wind wool with my mum when I was little, she would wind, I would hold.....it did make my arms ache! Wish I could wind wool with her now :) x

  7. Lovely yarn .. enjoy your crocheting. xox