Friday 21 June 2013


How has your week been dearest fellow bloggers? I am not sure if I can sustain my weekly simple happy moments on my blog, I feel like it's been a bit of a hum drum week really, however there have definitely been some gorgeous colourful highlights. So here goes...

Always a pleasure to watch my potted garden grow. Our cheeky bunny, Poppy has been munching through quite a few of my plants, but I have managed to salvage some things :o)

We had a really humid beginning to this week and on Wednesday had a bbq with friends. Even though I am a vegetarian, the smell of a bbq really means summer is here as far as I am concerned. Of course Poppy took centre stage outside in our courtyard garden. She loves being stroked and having a little brush.

The most delightful parcel of vintage sheet fat quarters from the vintage sheet queen bee (as far as I am concerned) the lovely Ada Bea. Such a generous and wonderful surprise, thank you so very much.I can't wait to make something with these beauties. I love an unexpected parcel in the post don't you?

The warmer days allowed me to get more of my sandals out and I forgot how much I love these comfy, geeky Swedish clog sandals.

A rather pink sunset on Tuesday evening

Enjoying, yet another book from my local library a 5 minute walk away from our home.

Happy week-ending lovely people
Thanks always for you fab comments, they always make me smile


  1. Ooh that book looks great! Just up my street. And boy do I like them there clogs...maybe next summer...on my wish list for sure.

    On the subject of summer....I am cold! Went for a late evening walk on the promenade and it was misty and windy an I am still feeling icy. Grrrr...I want some hot BBQ weather! Hope your weekend is fab! :)

  2. I'm veggie too, yes that smell, I'm the same with bacon! Glad you liked your little parcel, make something pretty, just for You, you deserve it Sweetheart! :) x

  3. Hi Penny, let's just be thankful there was enough sun to contemplate a BBQ!!! I believe the smell of frying bacon is the thing which 'turns' most vegetarians!!

  4. Well I think your week looked pretty fab, not humdrum at all! Gorgeous sunset, great fabrics, lovely weather, and a bbq with friends. And can I just say that I LOVE your red clogs, they are awesome. xx

  5. Bright and flowery moments of your week , thanks for sharing!
    It is okay to be involve din real life more than in blogging :)
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Wonderful happy things Penny. You always take such lovely photos, they are a feast for the eyes.
    Have a great weekend.
    Jacquie x

  7. Hi Penny
    I've been thinking of you even though I've been rubbish in blogworld of late. Thanks so much for your visits to me though and your lovely words of friendship.
    Your bun is looking a cutie, I really like lionhead fluffy ones. Red shoes do make the heart feel good don't they. When I wear mine i keep looking at my feet all day.
    Well done to Alice on the race for life - what a star.
    Norwich are playing the friendly against Brighton by the way, Mike is thrilled as he'll catch the bus down with them to see his beloved team. Just about over the recent disappointment, hopefully Andy is too.

    Have a lovely weekend.
    Lisa X

  8. Sounds like there have been some lovely summer enjoyment in your week.

    Aww such a cute bunny. Ours has been enjoying a bit of a free roam round the garden. Under supervision of course! As he has had the devil in him this week and has been roaming further than his usual walled grass and has been dashing off to hide under the car or trying to steal my flowers. Not good for him or the flowers! lol.

    Hope the next week brings you more summery joy.

    P x

  9. Such gorgeous photos ... and I love your clogs ... lots of happy loveliness around you ... have a great weekend ... Bee xx

  10. What lovely flowery photo. poppy bunny is very cute x

  11. Beautiful photos..I'm a photograph aficionado and always looking foe ideas...I like yours, Nice job...iela

  12. That bunny is so cute!

    Great photos Penny, I especially like the pink sunset :)

  13. Oh my what a stunning bunny "What sort is she "
    Love your photos