Saturday 29 June 2013

The smell of the sea

This morning after doing some boring domestic chores, I decided to cycle to Hastings to the Summertime curiosity bazaar in the glorious sunshine and summer coastal breeze.

It was low tide and despite the day starting with some clouds, it was warm and I could smell that sea salt smell in the humid air. A smell that is so familiar to me, a childhood and summer holiday smell. A comforting family camping and my Dad fishing in the sea smell. It only conjures up images and happy memories for me. I love it so.

There were people dotted about the beach and along the cycle walk way from Bexhill-on-Sea to St.Leonards -on-sea and Hastings. Dog walkers and pushchairs with summer time umbrellas, people with cooler clothing on, all looking lighter and less heavy from the grey winter we had.

Stopping to admire all the beach huts and seaside plants and fishermen's rope. All a sensory delight.

Stopping and admiring some iconic buildings like Marine Court built in the mid 1930's and the poor Hastings Pier which burnt down some years ago now and is trying to be restored by Hastings Pier Charity

I eventually got to the Bazaar which was good fun, unfortunately I was not allowed to take any photos to show you, but you will have to believe me when I say it was full of remade, vintage and beautiful crafty goodies.

I was rather pleased to meet Jo from Lime green jelly yarn. I have purchased some of her yarn in the past from another Christmas fair, but have never met her. It was so lovely perusing her beautiful hand dyed yarns which she makes with Elaine, another knitter friend whom I met and chatted away to. Their little display of yarn is called Insane jelly, a collaboration of their talents and of course I had to purchase some from them.

Jo spins her own yarn which is divine and Elaine (aka Insane Elaine) was telling me all about her gorgeous 5 week(!) knitting holiday to Shetland where she learnt to shear a sheep, spin and dye yarn as well as make lace amongst hundreds of other divine woolly things. Oh, my it sounds like my kind of holiday heaven.

After a delicious felalel, salad and frites meal I cycled my way back home. Happy and satisfied with my purchases and once again that comforting smell of sea air...a little interjected with bbq fish which smelt delicious too.

Always stopping to admire the flora and colours on the way home and then I had an idea...why not show you my yarn "on seaside location"!

Is it not just gorgeous, I think I know where I got my inspiration from for choosing these delicious colours!

Nothing better than smelling the sea air and seeing the sea side colours to inspire me. I'm planning to knit myself a shawl with this 4 ply sock yarn and can't wait to get knitting. I am hoping to find a shawl pattern on Ravelry with a little lace in it to step up my confidence and skills and challenge myself again xox Happy weekend to you all, I hope you are enjoying the fresh air wherever you are x


  1. This post is just darned beautiful...from the fantastic photos you took, the gorgeousness of the seaside, and the lovely memories of happy times you hold in your heart. Thank you. Oops, and the yarn looks perfect.

  2. I've loved these images today, just super! It's a pity no photos could be taken! :) x

  3. Lovely coastal photos. I love to be by the sea and really enjoyed your photos. Lovely to see your yarn can see where you got your inspiration, just beautiful x

  4. I loved looking at your photo's. Blue [ any shade ] is my favourite colour. The wool is gorgeous ! Pity you weren't allowed to take pictures. The seaside ones more than made up for it. How lovely to have all this on your doorstep.

  5. lovely blue squishy looking yarn! :-) x

  6. Great day out, so much to see and enjoy!love all the images, your coastline is so different from ours, I love the vastness, the beach huts, the groins on the beach....sensory delights is exactly right.

    The food looked yummy, a day out has to include good food....and a yarny treat, perfect colours, I like the flecky one very much.....have you seen Sarah Crafts from the Cwtch knit along? You should check it out, it's on a Ravelry group too.

    Wow, a five week knitting holiday? I'm not sure I'd be released for a couple of days, but five weeks?!

    Lovely to catch up with you, enjoy your Sunday.x

  7. Looks like you had a great time - love the colours of the yarn you chose.

    And falalfel too - whats not to like??!!


  8. I have just finished La La's simple shawl from Ravelry with very similar yarn and the pattern was free! I wish I had known about the Summertime Curiosity Bazaar as it looks rather lovely. Another gorgeous day is forecast for us today - enjoy. Karen x

  9. Your photos reminded me of when I grew up in Fleetwood in Lancashire, a small fishing town in those days back in the fifties when we had a fishing industry that was thriving. There was a Marine Parade there too, a fabulous (as I now see it) Art Deco building, wonderful gardens, though a little too formal for my tastes these days... it never seemed to rain in those summer days long ago. Gorgeous photos, great colours and the wool just beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing your lovely day out.

  10. Oh, I can't tell you how envious I am of your seaside jaunt! I grew up on the coast but have been living inland for around 8 years now. I miss so much about living next to the sea, but one of the biggest things is the air - the smell of the sea and how fresh the air is. When I moved to a big city I ended up at the doctors having to get an inhaler - my lungs couldn't cope with the change in air quality!

    It's gorgeous yarn you have there too :)

  11. Gorgeous photos, Penny. I almost felt I was there, and how I wish I was! Penny x

  12. All lovely...always. So good to live at the seaside! I love your wool...fab colours. Amazing how it matches that rope.

    Hope you've had a good day today....bit too blustery for my liking but still, jolly nice to have sun. :)

  13. Truly gorgeous pics Penny, and lovely yarn. You are so lucky to live so close to the sea :D

  14. And I could feel the breeze from your pictures... blue colors... sea... aww.. I want to be there now.
    Thanks for sharing some of your memories with us...
    The yarn you bought is lovely! can't wait to see the shawl :)