Friday 14 June 2013


This week's small moments of happies came from me very quickly knitting these two Pixie hats for two babies arriving this Autumn (not mine, my colleagues). I got a little excited when I learnt to knit an i-cord for the hats, it's so simple, I thought it might involve a whole lot of dpn's, but you only use two. Once I've knitted the i-cords, I plan to make teeny pom poms to put on each of their ends for baby fun. I'm sure I'll show you once complete.

 I managed to find two sweet vintage embroidered cloths in a charity shop which I have plans for. I love to think about who made these and all the time and patience and love put into each pretty stitch. I really would like to learn how to embroider beautifully.

Picking daisies

Loving the perfect retro vase I found for Andy at £2 in a local charity shop. I knew he would be pleased when I brought it home, he is not one to collect bits and bobs like me but he is a big retro fan so this had to come home with me. I wasn't too sure at first, but now it's growing on me, especially if I fill it with cow parsley and buttercups. 

Loving my local library, the knitting section seems to get bigger and better every time I go in there :o)

Last, but not least trying to make the best of an evening stroll along the seaside despite the wind and rain this week. Such a pity that I had to haul out my Winter coat for this!

Hope your week end brings some sweet joy to your worlds
See you soon


  1. I love little baby peanut shaped heads, with their wonderful smell...your little hats a perfect! Have a lovely weekend Penny! :) x

  2. What cute little hats ... and I love the embroidered cloths ... so delicate and pretty ... back to cold here too ... the stove is lit ... in June!!!!! ... have a lovely weekend ... Bee xx

  3. Those little hats are just too cute, I can't wait to see them finished.

    Weather-wise ... it's like November here!

  4. Very cute little hats. Your library does look like it supplies you with great books. Wish ours had such a good selection.

  5. I wonder if that gorgeous vase has any marks on the bottom. The white paint effect is reminiscent of a particular pottery, I have a beautiful jug with similar effects and did some research on it - lucky you for finding it.

    1. Hi Maggie
      Yes it says Vulcan Ware underneath and Alban, England. I guess it might be a little collectible someday x

  6. Hear hear for the hats - I still haven't tried an icord but it always looks really effective. I put my boots back on yesterday - and the heating! Jane x

  7. I love those pixie hats, very cute! And that photo from your seaside walk is beautiful too!

  8. Those little hats are so cute! It's been horribly cold here in Norfolk too, so sick of wearing winter clothes! Lets hope for some warm weather next week xx

  9. Lovely snaps... those caps look nice, I would like to try knitting soon.:)
    I am sure that you will get warmer days too.
    Enjoy your week!

  10. There is always something appealing about the seaside on a cold day - providing that day is in the winter. It's s bit much to have to put your coat on for a breach stroll in June! It's supposed to warm up this week, fingers crossed. Love your knitted caps, they are adorable and I can never pass up embroidered table cloths either. All those hours of work! xx