Tuesday 11 June 2013

{Almost} Edible crochet book

When it's cold outside, which it has been these past few days despite some sunshine on Saturday and late Sunday, there is nothing else to do but get busy making. I treated myself to this Erica Knight book from a cheap higgldy piggldy book shop in Lewes a while back. It retails at £16.99 and I got it for £8.95 which thrilled me as I have had my eye on it for a while. I love all the colours and feel of it's pages, a truly delicious {almost edible} crochet book if ever there was one.

There are lots of fabulous projects to choose from, but this one appealed the most to me. I have wanted to make slippers for a while now and just haven't found the right pattern. I used  chunky Rowan Shetland Mooritt yarn with a 7mm hook. Thanks to the ladies at my Thursday Knit and Natter group I realised that I was going wrong after the first 6 rows when I started making these in the round instead of accommodating for the instep!

Anyway, it took me most of my Friday night movie watching and chit chatting moments on Saturday to make these, which I thoroughly enjoyed despite having to work out how to make them bigger for my size 6, reasonably wide feet (Erica does give you a little master class in how to do this thank goodness, I really need my hand to be held when attempting something new!)So here they are....

Not anywhere as neat and gorgeous as the ones in the book, but a good enough first attempt I think. I'm not used to doing dc stitch with a 7mm hook!

It's a bit like going to the hairdressers with a picture of how you want your new hair style to look and it not quite turning out how you expected :o)

Or maybe it's the fact that I have weird shaped feet in comparison to Ms.Knight? I'm not sure? (what on earth is going on with the width of my right foot??)

I'm not bothered either way, I am just happy that she wrote this fabulous pattern out for the likes of me to give it a go. As you may have noticed,I didn't have any spare leather pieces to sew on the bottom, never mind, I'm happy to skid around the house whilst keeping my feet super toasty on these chilly summer eves! 

They look almost like they belong in a Black Adder sketch from this photo :o) 

I'm look forward to giving a few more projects from this book a go sometime soon, just busy knitting some sweet baby pixie hats from here for two of my colleagues expecting babies in the Autumn.

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  1. Penny they are so lovely and the colour is wonderful. I have her 'Simple Knitting' book which is equally stunning on the eye and I made her fingerless mitts which were gorgeous (although there was an error in the pattern which has slightly put me off the other projects. Glad yours worked well).
    Yep, this weather .. at least you've got slippers :)

  2. They look really cosy!
    I recently borrowed that book from my lovely neighbour it's full of loveliness isn't it x

  3. Hi Penny, I just found your blog and am a new follower. Your blog is beautiful and I love your work. These slippers look so warm and comfortable. They make me think of the Hobbit. :) I'm looking forward to reading your blog and seeing more of your creations. :)


  4. I think these are beautiful! I've been eyeballing that pattern for awhile myself, and now you've renewed my enthusiasm for it. I agree with Jennifer--they're very Hobbit-y, in the nicest ever way. Stay warm. :)

  5. I adore this book too. Have made the cowl twice and I love it. Must make some of the other projects I have my eye on (once I get my copy back from a friend I lent it to!) x

  6. Oh wow - they are fantastic - look so cosy and snuggly. (And glory be do we need warmth at the moment - I am wearing my UGGS as I sit and stitch during the day otherwise I find myself getting icy cold.)

    You are so clever Penny - I cannot get to grips with crochet.

  7. It is a lovely book. I made the cowl for my MIL's Christmas present and still half wish I'd kept it for myself!

  8. What a cosy treat for your feet ... I think they will be lovely in the winter too ... Bee xx

  9. Ooh, those look SO cosy and warm! It's ridiculous that we are all so excited about cosy warm things in mid June isn't it? I've only just got out of my winter fleece...
    Erika Knight's book looks a real treat...

  10. That does look a lovely book, I can see why you've been wanting it....your slippers turned out beautifully, I know the trouble I had trying to photograph my feet (especially when I hadn't finished making the socks and they were both still on circulars - don't do it!). My friend who is an avid crocheter has some sticky rubber circles which you can put on the bottom of slipper socks etc... I thought they sounded a good idea....but then so is skidding around the house!x

  11. Very cool. Love them. I think they are thoroughly as gorgeous if not more than the ones in the book. The colour and the style are very appealing. I must check out that book. :-)

  12. They look fabulous Penny, and so toasty warm :) I must see about finding a copy of that book, it might persuade me to get on faster with learning to crochet!

  13. Now that looks like a very scrummy book indeed! I have been fiddling around trying to make a pair of slippers for a while (well I say that, but actually I tried a few months ago for a few days and since then have barely had the time to pick up a hook!)
    Hope you are well
    Em xxx

  14. I think these are fabulous. I'd love to make these and think I'd have to add a tiny little embellishment somewhere, too. Agreed, these evenings are quite chilly. I've been glad of the blanket I'm hooking up as it keeps my knees warm! x

  15. Yes, I think they are fabulous too! For a colour lover as myself I do have a yearning for natural shades such as those featured in this lovely book.

    I've been reading a few Cadfael novels recently and your wonderful slippers would look rather splendid in such a setting ;-)