Thursday 27 June 2013

A treat


When I got home today a treat was waiting for me, a treat that I purchased on payday from Amazon. A book I have had my eye on for a while, one I forgot about, then remembered, then forgot about again until the other night when it appeared via one website leading to another, then another and another and voila, it was ordered!
This story by Hans Christian Anderson, has been stunningly illustrated by the very clever Sanna Annukka (I adore all the triangles and soul birds she uses). She also designs for the beautiful Finnish Marimekko.
I am just sharing a few of the delicious pages from this hard covered beauty. It's a real gem and definite keeper. I feel so inspired by the colour combinations, inspired enough to be thinking about yarn in these combinations for some up and coming projects.
What is inspiring you at the moment?
I'd love to hear.
Thanks for stopping
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  1. What a beautifully illustrated book, I'm inspired by colourful yarn at the moment....can't get enough! :) x

  2. I saw this book a while back and admired it, and I'm admiring it again now! It's a seriously gorgeous book, I may have to buy it. Lately I'm inspired by blue skies and summer gardens and plans for the six week summer holidays. xx

  3. My goodness, but this is a true treasure! The colors are wonderful and the shapes all together are so inspiring. I love the one (well, all of them) that looks like a table runner...the second image, I think.
    I am mostly inspired, well maybe just plain happy, that the SUN is out today.
    Thank you so much for sharing this with us and it makes me happy to think about what joy you have had in the arrival of this beauty.
    Wishes for a good weekend to you and to those you love.

  4. What a beautiful book, Penny! I love those illustrations! I have quite a few childrens' book bought purely for the illustrations - I especially love the work of Pauline Bains. Lx

  5. Totally love the illustrations in your book, and yes I do love those colour combinations too. At the moment, we're packing up to leave our house and most of the stuff has gone back into storage with the rest. I've had to say a short farewell to some of my yarns, boo hoo, but I have obviously (!) lined some up for holiday knitting projects. Can't wait!
    Have a great weekend x

  6. What has inspired me is the Tesco carrier bag I saw, which has a lovely illustration of a house, bird, trees and flowers and which I am going to use in my art journal. Love the book!

  7. Those illustrations are amazing, I'd love to have some of them framed on my wall!

  8. What wonderful illustrations, the beauty of nature is inspiring me at the moment. The vivid colours in the midsummer garden. ~ Sarah x

  9. You are inspiring me at the moment! My darling. I don't know what to say - but a huge and overwhelmed thank you. You chose such perfect birthday presents and I love love love them all - you know me backwards still after all these years. BIG BIG thanks and love. xxx I am glad you occasionally treat yourself too.