Wednesday 19 June 2013

Jute crochet

Now that Summer seems to have finally arrived (we had a BBQ this warm eve with friends visiting from Brighton) I decided to make myself a pillow for the beach - I like to have a little luxury when we go to the beach :o)

I bought some jute twine a while back with this in mind...


It all begins with the purchasing of some twine. I don't know about you, but I always need string and twine and ribbons to wrap around presents, so whenever I see some reasonably priced twine I tend to purchase usually a little more than I need and it lasts me an age.

So, take some jute, decide on your crochet hook size, I chose a 5.5mm hook and get a hookin' in a circle shape. I often use this pattern and a little of 'make it up as I go along' to get me a circle big enough to lay my weary beach head on.

Once you have achieved the diameter you desire (I used treble stitch as the jute is quite rough and a double stitch hurt my fingers too much after hooking for a while), choose some old fabric and use a pen to measure around the circle with a 2 cm allowance all the way around(this allows for you to stuff the cushion with toy/pillow stuffing). 

I chose some vintage sheet fabric for my cushion. Once you have cut your fabric (use pinking scissors if you have them to stop the fraying) get some embroidery thread and an appropriately sized sharp needle, use some pins to keep the fabric in place and get sewing. Once I had sewn my cushion 3/4 of the way around I then stuffed it and sewed it up ...and voila a beach cushion was born.

The jute crochet side should wear well on our pebbled beach and will also be perfect for outdoor living when we go on our annual camping week in the Summer holidays.

Yay for crocheting jute and summer time living if you are living in the northern hemisphere. Happy days x

See you all soon


  1. What a fab idea. Looks gorgeous too. What lovely fabric x

  2. A great idea - just wondering if the jute will stand up to water? That fabric is so pretty. :)

  3. Penny, you clever Lady! This is brilliant, perfect for the beach! :) x

  4. What a fantastic idea - I was thinking 'jute ...pillow...that's a bit itchy!!!' But no, you'd thought of that little problem already - I love the idea of the jute backing and gorge vintage sheet topping! You are going to be one stylish beach dweller this year :)

  5. Penny, whaddya mean, summer is here? Well, it's gone again cos the weather is rubbish today (here in London anyway) and the forecast for the weekend and my camping trip is rubbish too. Boo hoo! Never mind that though, your cushion is gorgeous and brilliant and perfect for us hard core campers. You clever thing. xx

  6. Great idea :) So much for summer though - it's been cloudy and damp here all day! Still ok for the beach though - we live in Britain after all!

  7. Brilliant, Penny! Hard wearing and lovely to look at too. Lx

  8. Wonderful Penny, practical and pretty, I love it :D

  9. Fabulous idea and it looks great!
    M x

  10. Ooh Penny that's fantastic! Such a nifty thing to all we need is sunshine!

  11. It's brilliant! I absolutely love it. The contrast of jute and pink florals is great. Now we just need some more of that gorgeous warm weather... x