Friday 4 October 2013

52 weeks of happy 40/52

Happy end of the week everyone, we made it to Friday again, hooray!
Here are some of my little happies from the last week in September taking us nicely into October.


A visit to Hoop in Tenterton on the weekend. Its a gorgeous new yarn shop just into Kent from where we live in East Sussex and sells the really reasonable Drops wool and alpaca yarn in divine colours. Don't you just love the doily with their name in the window and I took some close-ups of those autumn embroidered leaves too. Such an easy seasonal thing to do. I love clever window displays.

I made a little purchase with my WIP commander, Alice close by my side...she informed me that I could spend some money on yarn as long as it involved making something for her! So, with very little persuasion I bought some Drops yarn for her scarf she wants from this book I borrowed from our Library. She has chosen this yarn with a darker blue for the ends.

To add to the happies was the casting on of course. I'm loving how this very simple P1K1 stitch followed by a K row is looking, all waffle like.

We also had fun painting ceramics on the weekend for Alice's little party. I am picking up our creations this Sunday, always fun to see what they look like when glazed.

Oh and Alice came home with her choice of an Amazon book for up to £10 for winning the art prize in her class. We have to go to the prize giving mid-November. She tried her hardest to get an art related book for £10, but they were either £4 or £12+ so she chose a Mary Berry Baking book for £9.99 as she is a keen baker (I'm secretly pleased as her mama has been keen on getting one of Mary's books :o)

Loving mother nature's colours and patterns.

Less than half price Fat Face round neck jumper with diving swallows on for the Autumn always brings happies. I haven't bought myself a new jumper for years and this one, especially in the sales appealed to me.

I do really hope you have all had some little happy moments this past week? Thank you for telling me your head measurements from my last post, what a good giggle I had.
Have a groovy weekend everyone, I know I will
See you all soon 


  1. Some lovely happies here Penny, especially the new shop, that looks great. Hope that you don't get into trouble with Alice for dropping in too often!

    Well done to Alice for her art prize, hope that she enjoys her book, and that you enjoy reading it too...

  2. Congratulations to Alice for her prize, that is really wonderful. I love the look of your scarf so far, the stitches are so neat and even. It's going to be beautiful in that color.

  3. I love that window display to, just beautiful! Well done to Alice on winning the prize, looks like you will both benefit! Happy weekend! :) x

  4. Hoop looks fab - how lucky to have that nearby! Well done to Alice - it sounds like the pair of you are on the same wavelength there.Your photo of the sedum (I think?) is gorgeous Penny - I love the fact that cameras allow us to see things around us in such detail - beautiful. Have a lovely Sunday x Jane

  5. A yarn store that sells Drops has to be a very good thing! And one with a window display that good is clearly something special :)

  6. Hi Penny

    Doesn't Alice look gorgeous in that pic. Glad you did a spot of treating yourself. X

  7. ooh i love the look of 'loop' - my parents live in T.Wells so we sometimes visit Tenterden when we are there....thank you for the tip off....LOVE the embroidered leaves x

  8. I seriously like the look of that yarn shop! Gorgeous window display. Nowhere seems to sells Drops round here, much to my disappointment. x