Tuesday 1 October 2013

How big is your head?

Hello lovely bloggers, can I be personal and ask you if you have ever measured the size of your head? I know this might sound weird to some of you and quite normal to others of you, but I am having an irritating crochet week all based on the circumference of my head!

Now, I have to giggle when I remember graduating from my degree in South Africa way back in 1990. The story goes that when I went to hire my graduation gown and mortar board to wear on my head, the lady in the shop asked me my size and asked if she could measure my head size. I promptly allowed her and watched almost as if in slow motion how her facial expression changed as she revealed that my head size was one of the biggest she had had the pleasure if encountering in her jolly career! She eventually said that she would "need to go and look downstairs for a suitable one to fit my head". To this day I will never forget the look on her face and I always joke about it. 

The school I went to involved wearing a hat and blazer in the stinking Durban heat every time we were seen outside the school and my hat never fitted me and looked ridiculous for most of the time! I still struggle to the day to buy a sun hat in the Summer time and thank goodness for wool being stretchy to a certain degree otherwise I would suffer in the British winter for sure.
 Then came along a few years ago my rediscovery of knitting and crochet and the world felt good with me being able to create my own winter hats. Anyhow, I digress the purpose of this post is for me to be forthright and ask you how big is your head? I measured mine on Saturday (twice to be sure) and it measured at 61cm. It sounds normal to me but then again I have no one to compare it to other than poor old Alice whose head measures at 55cm at 13 years old and Andy's is 59cm. We laughed at this and I told Alice that mummy has more brains than daddy :o)

As you may well have guessed by now I attempted to make the pretty crochet beret from the September issue of Inside Crochet as seen in the first photo. I thought I would give it a go with some Debbie Bliss yarn I had in one of my baskets. Not only does it not fit me but I really don't like the variegated yarn for this kind of thing and wouldn't of worn it any way. I think this yarn will look good crocheted up as a hot water bottle cover.

I just thought darn, I really fancied a crochet beret for the Autumn and will not give up looking for one that will fit my um..rather large head!

So go on I dare you to measure your head just for fun, I'd also be curious to hear what your head circumference comes up as? Weird thing to talk about but hey ho.

Ps. Do you like my finished almost finished scrappy cardigan? I still need to add a button and sew in all those ends...
Here's wishing you all a great week, I'll see you soon xox Penny


  1. My head mesures 60cm lol I am not a small head hehe....
    I really love your cardigan, it is lovely.

    Have a nice week!!

    Lluisa xx

  2. My head mesures 55 cm. I think your cardigan is beautiful. In fact I'm thinking about making myself such a cardigan. It would cheer me up during winter!

  3. No idea what size my head is, but I know that I too have trouble getting a hat to fit - so I bet it is big, must be filled with lots of brains like your is!! Scrappy is looking great, I would wear that for sure (although it would be to small for me!).

  4. Huge! I also struggled with my graduation cap, and can almost never find a hat in a shop.
    Measured now - 61 cm :-D
    Love your truitjie.

  5. For some reason I have been too nervous to measure mine...I think it is because to do the maths to get something crocheted or knitted to fit properly would involve a TENSION GUAGE...and that does not appeal. But of late I have knitted hats for charity, free knitting, i.e ignore the tension and have wondered, are there babies in the world with heads so large?..but never fear, they might have an older sibling or a parent or grandparent that could wear my baby hats....
    PS LOVE the cardi, it is gorgeous.

  6. What an entertaining post..... I'm so glad I logged on in my lunch hour :) Luckily I have my crochet bag with me in a last min panic to finish off a friends birthday pressie before the weekend, so I was able to measure my head whilst attracting only a couple of strange glances from my colleagues (open plan office eeek!). So anyways.....it's 53cm and I'm left feeling somewhat cheated lol. Love the cardy btw :)

  7. WHy not crochet the beret with a larger hook, so it turns out bigger? My head is 59 cm. Larger than average. When I used to ride and the hats were sized the old way, most girls and women were six and seven eighths and I was seven and a quarter.

  8. I'm a very average 56! Very amusing post....love that cardy! :) x

  9. Ooohhh no - I don't think I ever had...not needed to really.

    Happy crocheting,

    Nina x

  10. 60 here. But then I am also from SA!

  11. 60 here. But then I am also from SA!

  12. Have you seen my post from last week about the hat I am calling Slouchy Daisy? It's from a free pattern I found on Ravelry. I think I have a pretty big head but the hat is really roomy for me.

  13. Dear Penny,

    You've made me chuckle in the nicest possible manner! Suffice to say I've NEVER measured by head before (my children's heads, yes, for winter hat knitting) but I have graciously obliged, sat here at the table with Angélique eating her lunch, and I now I know my head circumference is.... 55cm which kind of surprises me because I'm a tall lass: 5ft 11".

    Go figure :-)

    Hugs from autumnal France,


  14. Penny I had to measure mine for a new top hat for my Molly costume. Hats are always too big for me, just as much a problem as too small, believe me! LOVE that wool! Lx

  15. 58 cm. General observation: us South Africans have big heads. x

  16. 57cm. The cardigan is looking great, I love the mix of blues, the golden yellow band across the shoulder is a lovely highlight, also like the splash of red around the neckline...love it.

  17. 23.75 inches, which I usually round up to 24 for ease so I don't think there's much in it for size. I find good old M&S handy for summer hats as they do two sizes. The phrase "one size fits all" on hats drives me mad, because it just doesn't!!! Ysolda Teague's hat patterns are good for coming in a number of sizes.