Sunday 13 October 2013

Nine things I just can't handle

This is what I am doing here

Ok, so there are plenty of worldly things I just can't handle like injustice, greed, suffering, lots of isms like absolutism, sexism, racism, classism, ageism etc. I cannot handle loads of human traits and behaviours like arrogance, rudeness, unkindness, cruelty, ignorance and stupidity. There are 101 things I could list here and bore you with, however I promise not to. This post of 9 things I can't handle are going to focus on the more "everyday" things that I just can't handle, so here goes.... :o)

1. Pressure on women to be a certain size
This seriously freaks me out, I meet women who are wracked with so many negative emotions that cripple them on a daily basis. What on earth is going on here? All those hours, days, months, years wasted on obsessing about punishing themselves to follow poorly balanced restricted diets that do so much more harm than  good in the long run.  I am a Dietitian specialising in oncology care and in 23 years of working in this profession it still hurts me inside when I see/hear women who have partners/husbands who want them to be a certain size. The other day I saw a beautiful and wonderfully brave woman in one of my clinics who has survived a cancer and is really struggling with her weight as she is about 4stone overweight from her treatment and comfort eating which she freely admitted to. She said her husband can't cope with her current size and is too embarrassed to hold her hand or show any affection in public. This reminded me of how much I can't handle this kind of behaviour, it hurts and infuriates me too much.

2. Orange and chocolate combination
Oh my goodness, who invented this hideous combination? Sorry I know that it's a very popular choice here in the UK and I don't want to annoy those of you who love Jaffa cakes and Terry's chocolate orange, but please I just can't handles this. If Jaffa cakes ever make an appearance in our kitchen cupboards you can be assured that they will remain just as you left them for I would never be tempted. Ever!

3. People who don't wash the bath out after having one
Ok ok this is just the most super gross thing, not only am I going to relax in my own dirty water, but PLEASE can I not have yours to relax in too.

4. Fruit and veg that is the wrong texture
I am confessing to being that very irritating person in the supermarket who lightly presses all the fruit and veg I buy. I cannot handle soft, floury apples eeeeeuuugghhh they give me the hebbies and over ripe tomatoes eeeekkkk they have to be firm please. Any hint of a fruit or veg not being the right texture they get cooked and included in a pudding or sauce which helps me cope with eating them.

5. Getting dressed up
I love going to special parties, celebrations, occasions etc but am absolutely pants at getting dressed up. It's got worse as I have got older, the most posh frock I have is my wedding dress and that was plain and simple £140.00 from an Oxfam wedding shop (it hadn't been worn before,lots of dresses are often donated to Oxfam from wedding shows). I don't own silky, velvet or Lacey things. If I had my way I would wear jeans and a hippy shirt with flowers and accessories. I feel so much more comfortable like this. I get really anxious thinking of what I can wear just for a simple Christmas party. How I wish I was girly and good at this kind of thing, but alas I am who I am.

6. People looking in disbelief when I tell them I go to church
Ok, so I love God and love going to my vibrant and spirit filled church. I don't know what people who go to church should look like but, I guess I'm not it ? Does make me smile x

7. The telly being on unnecessarily 
Who is with me on this one? It's an absolute pet hate, I really think that the tv must stay off until someone is actually going to watch it. I was lucky enough not to get a telly until about 1977/8 when TV first came to South Africa in 1976. I have very fond memories of sitting around the wireless with my family listening to radio programs and as we moved into the 80's our family time declined as we started watching tv more and more with our dinners on our laps. It was the beginning of the end for me in many ways, we communicated less and became more disjointed I think as a family. I therefore have a slightly love hate relationship with the tv.

8. Waste
I don't like anything to be wasted, paper, food, cosmetics, scraps of yarn, electricity, gas, energy etc. Sorry, but I just can't handle waste.

9. Coffee
Yep, that's me, coffee makes my head buzz in a bad way. I can just about cope with a cup of weak instant coffee, but the strong stuff in cappuccino's and espresso makes me dizzy :o) if I meet up with someone for "a coffee" I always choose the softer option, tea. Tea tea tea how I love thee, addicted to you I am.

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What can't you handle? 
I'd love to know :o)


  1. Oh, so many things I can't handle, injustice, rude people, all of those kinds of things. But what I really can't handle is why do the bin men just abandon the bins all over the place. We put them neatly on the end of our drive, out of our way, and out of the way of anyone else. The bin men, they just throw them where they land - literally in the case of the recycling bins. Across the middle of the driveway, on the footpath, on someone else's driveway. Grrrrrrrrrrr....... They do empty the garden waste bin however heavy it is though, so I guess that I should be grateful for that - we make a lot of garden waste!

  2. Okay, I realise this is totally petty, but misplaced apostrophes really bug me. Proper punctuation is not rocket science, people! (No doubt someone who comments after me will detest the phrase "it's not rocket science".)

    Another thing is people who use the "f" word on any and every occasion, as though it were the only adjective/adverb in their entire vocabulary. English is full of wonderfully descriptive terms, and this is the best they can do? Do they realise how silly it sounds? Imagine if we all said - oh, I don't know - "dancing" every other word. "I'm so dancing mad right now. That dancing guy in the next lane nearly dancing cut me off! But hey - wasn't that a dancing great game the other day? The wind was dancing cold but we didn't care - we dancing yelled our dancing heads off every time they scored."

    Here's a silly one: costume dramas whose actors have modern hairdos, or hairdos from the wrong era, or hairdos with obvious modern elements. Knuckling under to current trends for fear someone might not watch the movie! Drives me nuts.

    I'm totally with you on #1,4,5, and 7! :)

    1. What a dancing brilliant reply Mrs. M. I am totally with you on the whole dancing affair, such unnecessary foolishness x

  3. Penny, I always knew I had a twin somewhere on this earth, think I might have found her!!! :) x

  4. Hi there!!! I totally agree with you on the 1, 2, 3 and 5.
    And I could say 100 more...but as mum of a little girl I am gonna share here with you one of those things that I can't go with it: Beauty contestants for little girls. What is all that about!! Is that what we are teaching to them?? I just can't with that.

    Have a nice week!!

    Lluisa xx

  5. I am with you on so many of these...can't remember when last I watched tv.
    But, I'm a total cappo addict! Need my shot of caffeine :-D

    Have you tried the Sally Williams dark chocolate with nougat...?

  6. Other than Jaffa cakes, I agree wholeheartedly with every single point. Especially floury apples - yuck! x

  7. Oh I am definitely with you on some of these points! Especially having the TV on when nobody is watching! A real bug bear of mine. It's tea all the way for me too, I cannot stand coffee!
    Marianne x

  8. I can see myself in your list, except the coffee thing. I totally agree on the dresses. What I can't stand is the sound of finger-nail-on-black-board. Gives me the shivers just thinking of it. Have a nice week!

  9. orange and chocolate... oh no Penny... oh dear.. really? Really? Say it ain't so... :(

    I can't handle spitting.. any sort of "I don't care if you had to clear your mouth" spitting and I go crazy! It's gross and totally unnecessary! Hazel x

  10. I like this post, nothing to do with crafting but seriously entertaining! I'm with you on a lot of them although I do like chocolate orange so feel free to send any to me :p The TV thing annoys me too, I'd hardly ever watch it but my partner sometimes just leaves it on for hours! GRRRRRRRR

    :-) x

  11. Ooooh, Penny, what a brilliant post! I'm with you on 1, 4, 7 and 8. My hubby puts the tv on constantly and I switch it off, and he switches it back on again, and round we go. I can't handle all the big isms that you listed but my particular loathing is aimed at The Daily Mail, bad manners, people who throw litter, people who don't clean up after their dogs, the random inclusion of raspberries with any dark chocolate dessert (they just don't go), overly wordy menu descriptions...quite a lot apparently! I am quite a calm person usually, I promise! xx

  12. I'm with you on so many of these, and most particularly the on when it should be off television. While the children were growing up we kept ours on a trolley in a cupboard ... easy to wheel out when it was wanted but impossible to simply turn on for the sake of it. But worse than having it on when you're not watching it is leaving it on when someone comes to visit ... what could be more rude! And my mother has started to do it!!

    Brilliant post :)