Saturday 19 October 2013

52 weeks of happy 42/52

Hello again, it's that time of the week to gather some of those sweet little happy things from my week.
First up was the fabulous news that I had won, not 1 but 2 giveaways! My goodness how did that happen? I love both the blogs that I won them on and just comment anyway because of their beautiful content. My first win can be seen here on Jen's lovely blog Hand Knitted Things. I am so excited to knit up these sweet houses. Thank you so much Jen.
My second winning was from lovely Gillian's blog Tales from a Happy Home which can be seen here. Oh golly gosh, its a stunner and is on it's way to me as we speak. I'll show you next week. Thank you so much Gillian. What a lucky girl am I to win 2 special gifts, Christmas has come early this year :o)

We have been pumpkin and squash shopping in the rain to make some soup and I just got a thrill from seeing these beauties. Their colours, shapes and textures. Gorgeous!


I came home to a home made Tiramisu made from this recipe. Alice had the day off school on Thursday due to Teacher strikes and so she decided it would be good fun for her and Daddy to bake. It was a delicious and very indulgent way to end my day!

We have also been crunching through the fallen leaves and nature table collecting. I wanted to collect some rosehips to make some rosehip oil from this recipe. It sounds like it could be great for those mid-winter dry skin spells.

Last, but not least I have been crocheting a blanket for one of Alice's friends for her 13th birthday. Colours chosen by Alice.

Such a pleasure to go round and round a large granny square, easy rhythmic crocheting to soothes the days stresses away.

Thanks for all those who visited and commented on my last postcards post. I really appreciated it. Have a great (looks like wet where we live)weekend everyone and see you all soon xox Penny


  1. Congrats on your very fun wins, love all that you are grateful for.

  2. I love that crochet blanket, it looks lovely and warm! I'm making a granny stripe one at the moment as a present for someone, it's great for quickly zooming stitches up and down without much thought, I'm finding it very soothing and rewarding.

  3. Looks like it was a good week. It's a wet weekend here too - still that means theres plenty of time for crafting, so it's not all bad. x

  4. It looks like a great week. Congratulations! :-)

  5. The pumpkins are beautiful aren't they! Hope that you enjoy your wins and that you have lots of fun with them, we will look forward to seeing the results! xx

  6. Congrats on your giveaway wins. The blanket is beautiful. I love that you make things for your daughter's friends; I've been giving more handmade gifts to my kids' friends lately and they seem to be appreciated.

  7. New to your blog and have really enjoyed your words. I have tried my hardest to like pumpkin but I just can't handle it - tried it savoury and sweet, I even made wine last year and that was awful too but I love the textures and colours. Jo x

  8. Congrats for your wins :)
    All the photos are lovely, pumpkins...the rosehip is a good source of vitamin C.
    love the blanket and its colours.

    Lluisa xx

  9. What a happy post - great wins, and love the squash shots and the tiramisu. Granny crochet is so fun - you can do it without even looking! :)

    I'm with Jo on pumpkin - can't seem to learn to like it. It's definitely a texture thing.

  10. That Tiramisu looks yummy, clever Alice! And what a generous Mum you are to crochet blankets for her friends.

    Loving giveaway wins :)

  11. Awww, that is so kind of you Penny. A blanket is a big project even if it is a giant granny. I'm sure Alice's friend will love it.
    Hope your week is good.We have half term and it's raining.
    Jacquie x