Friday 11 October 2013

52 weeks of happy 41/52

Hello there

The weather has turned somewhat in the past 24 hours and I was very surprised when Andy put the heating on for an hour yesterday evening as he normally likes to avoid it until we really need it. Must be getting old! Have you put your heating on yet? It's a sure sign that Winter has arrived in my mind. Pull our extra thick feathered quilts and blankets from the attic time. Yay, I love a candle light home with cosiness as the season changes.

This week, I've had the displeasure of a head cold and had to have Wednesday off work, which did me the world of good, just resting, snoozing and reading. I need this weekend to fully recover though. I have, however found some sweet moments of happiness, mostly of the yarn here goes....

I finished crocheting these DIVINELY WARM bobble fingerless gloves and wrist warmers. Oh my goodness, this yarn that I bought from a local lady (link) who dyes and spins her own yarn, last December in a Christmas market is gorgeous and so my colours and so warm and so cosy its like wearing a sheep on each hand :o) The pattern can be found in this favourite Erica Knight book I bought a while back now. It's a lovely book full of delicious pictures and colours of earthy yarn and inspiring easy makes. (Excuse the hand poses, this is always a weird thing taking photo's of one's hands)My hands will be as warm as toast with these this Winter, yay.

Autumn is all about Apples for me in England and I picked some apples and made a heart warming apple crumble last night, lots of cinnamon and mixed spice too.

We have an "outhouse" loo downstairs, lovely old fashioned loo with ball and chain type flushing mechanism. We tend to use it in the Summer as its not heated in the Winter and I have waited rather patiently for Andy to finish painting it this Autumn and the wooden door which I bought a door knob for years ago. This week of extended warm sunshine inspired him and he did it, so here is my pretty birdie ceramic door knob made by Judith Rowe, a local ceramicist. Her work is gorgeous and she sells it here.

I have drooled over these 2 books in Waterstones but didn't have the pennies to purchase...bring on Christmas lists!

Last, but not least I've been enjoying the therapeutic rhythm of knitting with Drops yarn to make Alice's requested scarf. I love knitting with old fashioned plastic needles, they remind me of my childhood knitting attempts.

Thanks for all of you who have come to read my  first"confession postcard"(and for your lovely comments which I loved reading)WOW...what was I thinking? Oh well, I must be brave and press on with the next one (watch this space).

Happy days to you and yours lovely bloggy friends


  1. Oh you made me giggle about the heating and getting old, I am one of those women who is always hot..If anyone dares to utter the word heating I tell them to put on a sweater, some fluffy socks and get out the hot water bottle that I have lovingly covered in granny squares. However, I think I'm getting old I too have put the heating on. I love your confession post .I too went to an all girls catholic school say no more,

  2. I'm sitting here with my fluffy bedsocks on and a blanket over my knees, definitely getting colder... brrr. Loving the mitts, look well cosy :) xx

  3. Hi Penny, loving those fingerless gloves and sweet birdie door knob xo

  4. Hi Penny, Our heating is one one minute then off the next, and I too am trying to get over a head cold which T kindly gave me. Your fingerless gloves are brilliant and look so warm. Love the door knob also.

  5. Yep, we put the heating on this week too. I'm also enjoying snuggling under my giant granny square whilst I continue working on it. Your door knob is very cute! Amy xx

  6. I now have door knob envy ... what a gorgeous thing!

    No heating on here yet but it's pretty nippy today ... winter is definitely not too far off. But you'll be ready, with those gorgeous mitts :)

  7. What lovely happy things :-) Sometimes there's nothing better than good yarn and simple knitting, feeling the yarn slipping through your fingers and the fabric forming on the needles. Gorgeous ceramic

    Oh and apples :-) They make my autumn, I always have to look at which varieties they have in at Waitrose

  8. We are having a warm sunny golden spell ... but there are rumours of frost for next week. So the heating can't be far off!

    Love those mitts - what a pretty bobbly pattern that is. I know what you mean about hand photos - I always feel as if mine look paralysed when I try to pose them. :)

    What a beautiful knob! And though it's been years since I've used one, an outhouse loo can be very handy in winter time as it discourages lingering. (Especially in a Wisconsin winter.)

    Hope your cold is all cleared up now.

  9. Oh your door knob is beautiful ... as are your new mitts ... lovely happies ... definitely colder here too ... stove is lit tonight ... Bee xx

  10. It's not "put on the heating" here. I make a fire if I feel cold. We have central heating, which is wonderful and makes the bathroom much more comfortable. The fire is pure medicine against those mild depressions that get me when the sky is grey.

  11. I'd love a loo downstairs, at times climbing the stairs seems such an effort! Gosh I'm so lazy! Heating on for 1/2 in the morning the last few days as I hate cold bathrooms (I'm with you using the outside loo in winter) but avoiding any other time! Pjs and blankets have come out, I really, really hate being cold! Love your door knob and your knitting is coming on great! Have a great Sunday sweetheart! :) x