Friday 25 October 2013

52 Weeks of happy 43/52

What craziness...this week has crashed, bammed and boomed away. I felt miserable for a couple of days, tearful and emotional, but all is better now and I can focus on having the next week off work with Alice and Andy during half term hols. Yay. We have plans to have fun as well as relax next week.

So, I did manage to capture my less miserable moments this week, here goes

My woodland lunch break and a row or two of crochet on my new blanket with my internet ordered Drops Paris cotton. It suggests a 5mm hook or needles but I chose a 4mm hook to make it a bit more tight. It's a little "splitty" when you crochet with it, but generally I am happy with the resulting crochet. I'll show you more as this progresses hopefully this coming week.

I treated myself to a new Moleskine address book. A sweet little red one this week. I don't know about you, but I have had quite a few address books in my adult life and they kind of represent a history of my life so far and whom I've met and whom I've stayed in contact with and people who have flitted into and then out of my life during my adult years. I feel a new phase coming on with culling my current address book to the people that I currently love and keep in touch with.
On a side note my poor mum still has all the trillions of addresses I had in my first year and a half of working after University and then during my travels for a year thereafter. It's a nice bit of history is what I tell her :o) and she did once tell me to "keep moving till you are happy"!

Look! I finished crocheting a large granny square blanket for one of Alice's friends who will be 13 in November. The colours were chosen by Alice and the border was her choice too. Emily will be getting some paint brushes and a cheap baking book we found here. I don't mind indulging a wee bit for Alice's 2 close friends and they seem to like getting a little hand made something from me too which always makes me happy. Emily and Alice are baking buddies and have already arranged an afternoon of mess fun this half term to bake up a storm.

Aahh Autumn, you little beauty, how I love thee.

Last, but not least some very moist and very delicious polenta and lemon cake topped with raspberries had with a big pot of tea from here.
Now that was comfort food if ever there was.
Happy days to you and yours
see you all soon



  1. Hi Penny, sorry to hear you have had a stressful week. Mine has been blissful but it's back to reality next week ....sigh.
    Enjoy your family half term break. Well done on finishing the the edge.
    Jacquie x

  2. I'm glad you found some happies in spite of your difficult week. I love Moleskine products and I'm sure your address book will be lovely to use. Enjoy the break with your family.

  3. So sorry you had a tough week, some of them are like that aren't they? Love how you focused on some of the positive, a basketful of yarn, a beautiful completed blanket, great things to think about.

  4. Sorry this week was yucky, I hope that next week is better. Your blanket is divine - I am so in love with crochet blankets! Hope that you have a great week next week, and that the baking is fun, and that you find some time to enter all the details of those you love in your lovely new address books - love Moleskine. xx

  5. That cake looks yummy (and reminds me I still haven't posted about my orange polenta cake). And yes I love me a nice Moleskine, though I think I like the little Field Notes notebooks better. But they don't come in a delicious red.

    Have a happy week Penny :)

  6. Sorry to hear your week has been a bit stressy, next week is sure to be better ... love your basket of wool, such pretty colours and I would love a slice of that cake too ... Bee xx

  7. I love moleskin . I hope next week will be better I have been stuck at home not being able to crochet or type and I have feel really teary. Today, I drove to hobby craft and bought 9 balls of rowan yarn big yarn , it is 3 for 2 .It has cheered me up no end. Plus, I bought a gooey chocolate tart.Bliss.

  8. That cake looks so, so good. Yum. Just my sort of cake, moist and lemony. Give me that over chocolate any day! This is such a seasonal array of happies, I hope focusing on these brought some focus and peace during what sounds like a very hectic week.

    I'm SO glad to hear your parcel arrived - I feared it was lost!! Phew. :-) xx