Tuesday 8 October 2013

Am I having a midlife crisis?

Dearest Blog

I'm feeling like I need to shake things up around here. You are becoming predictable, prescriptive and quite frankly I'm getting a little bit bored with our relationship.

Now don't get me wrong, I really do love you and all the visitors and lovely relationships you bring, but I am getting itchy pants to crank things up a notch or two. Lets talk about stuff, real stuff that I never really dare to confess or talk about here. Yes, there are many of your peer blogs that do do this and they are the ones to blame for inspiring me to getting down to some brass tacks...beyond knitting, crochet and sewing. Yes, you heard what I said, beyond those fabulous magical things I do with my hands.

You even admitted that you are getting bored with hosting my thrifty finds and creations of the yarn kind and that you were hungry for an interlude of different posts before going back to my safe usuals.

You see it all began when I discovered Veggie Mama's blog, she made me laugh and almost cry with her posts she has started this October called "31 days of Confessions" which was originally inspired by Fat Mum Slim's post on 50 things to blog about when you get writers block or in my case writers boredom!

So late into the recesses of last night I came up with my own version of "confessions" to shake you up a bit....

Look I made a post card for you on the white mosaic photograph I took at Park Guell in Barcelona this summer and this is what I going to do.

Every few days when I have the time I'm going to be sending you 10 postcards about some form of confession. Am I crazy lady? Yes! Am I going to reveal more about myself than what I publically should? Uum yes I think so! Will I regret having written this post in the morning? Probably! And last, but not least, Am I having a midlife crisis? I don't think so, but then again at 43 I might be and you may just want to gently tell me this in the comments below if my blog hasn't already sent me loads of emails with big warning notices!

Inspired by the topics that Veggie Mama chose, I will be choosing 10 of them to have some fun with here. Here are some examples:

1.The thing that happened in high school that pretty much changed
  my life forever
2. The day I left home
3. That lie I told that I got away with (or didn’t!).
4. The hardest thing I’ve ever been through.
5. 9 things I just can’t handle.
6. My most excruciatingly embarrassing moment.
7. The story of my first kiss (not skipping all the awkward  
8. The day I started blogging – what was I thinking?
9. The most difficult decision I have ever made.
10. 7 things I learned from being a kid.
11. The last thing that made me cry.
12. My earliest childhood memory.
13. That thing that really gets my goat.
14. The worst Christmas I’ve ever had.
15. What I am addicted to and why.
16. My obituary.
17. A DIY on something I know nothing about.
18. What I’ve learned about life so far.
19. Brain dump: what’s on my mind right now.
20. Something I lost.
21. My worst habit.
22. Thank you to a thing that I love.
23. What I want to be when I grow up.
24. Something I found.
25. A review on something I’ve used, watched, eaten, or read lately.
26. An update on my most popular post – where are we now?
27. Set a goal and a plan on how to get there.
28. Top 5 blogs I’m loving right now.
29. I ask advice on something that is troubling me.
30. A menu for my last meal ever.
31. I share a secret I’ve never told anyone until now.



  1. Wow, this could be very interesting! I look forward to seeing what you do. :)

  2. You are a brave gal! Just reading that list made my toes curl.

    I do understand the urge to shake things up though ... have been feeling it myself lately. I've gotten into a horrible rut of hardly posting at all because everything I think of posting about seems "not important enough".

    Looking forward to some exciting reveals here. Also love the new header and the postcard! :)

  3. Hi Penny, I completely understand what you are saying and feel much the same about blogging at the moment. I do know that I really love it so wonder if it's just a normal part of the blogging journey, to feel a bit ambivalent about it a couple of years or so into it. I've been enjoying Veggie Mama's "Confessions" too. Very brave :-) Looking forward to reading yours! Mel x

  4. Can't wait Penny!!!! Love confessions! I know what you feel about blogging though, I've been questioning myself lately about it all.....think my blogging voice may be coming to an end, if it is however, I've had a brill time! :) x

  5. Love this idea, you are very brave.
    Well done!!
    By the way, i am quite new on your blog and it's a lovely place :)

    Lluisa xx


  6. I am new to blogging and to your blog Penny so I am not bored by you in any way but I do think that you are very brave to be doing this and I am very interested to see how you get on and will be here reading and supporting you. I am a similar age to you and I know what you mean about the midlife thing, just not sure what to do about it either! Good luck and have fun with this project. xx

  7. I have only been here for a year and I know what you mean... blogging's like life, it's what you make it but it's hard to keep going sometimes. Can't wait to hear about number 3, 6, 9, 18 and 31. Best wishes from Eco Ethel xx

  8. What a great idea Penny. I think you might be starting a trend here as they're some great topics to get teeth into. I look forward to seeing you in the confessional.

  9. Oh you clever girl, I like this!

  10. Oooh, exciting. There's a few there that I wouldn't want to confess!!

  11. Sounds like a great idea ... looking forward to reading them ... I feel a bit like I haven't much to say lately but maybe it's the ebb and flow of blogging ... Bee xx

  12. Oh, how exciting! This is a very good idea although I'd just like to say that I love your blog as it is and always find something interesting, inspiring and creative here. xx

  13. Wow! That's very brave! Good luck, I shall read with interest! X

  14. Wow! That's very brave! Good luck, I shall read with interest! X