Saturday 9 March 2013


Raniccula flowers in the rain. A bud within a bud within a bud.

Lusting after the egg box. First there were 4, then 3,2,1 none, you get the picture. It would have been nice to taste one of these but I live with chocoholics :o)Never mind I've got the purple box.

Buzzing on charity shop found buttons. They are old and need a tooth brush scrub but will come up good me thinks.

Laughing at myself after finding this badge on one of my bags tucked away in the attic. I've always been a bit of a badge collector and love pinning little statements on things.

Alice's musical bird mosaic she brought home from her art class with Janey.

Some deliciously soft socks from Braintree clothing. I haven't bought new socks for myself for what feels like years, probably about 2/3 years. I always forget to buy myself socks,not sure why, maybe I secretly think I'll knit myself some more so won't bother? Umm, reality check I've only ever knitted 3 (successful!)pairs and these are already looking like they need darning/replacing!

Finally a little sunshine rainbow magic on our dining room walls. Oh it was divine to feel the sun on my back last weekend. 

All in all its been another busy week. When is it not busy?

  • I've started to run 3 times a week again
  • I've been writing more lists
  • Went to a Tiger store for the first time
  • Had 1 1/2 hour consultation with prosthdontist regarding my sad teeth and all the ££££££ that are needed to remedy the situation (I'll try not mention this on my blog again,it makes me quite anxious and is something i just need to face head on)
  • I've got what feels like 101 projects/audits/stuff to do in my job. All good and part of my professional development. 
  • Alice has had a busy social life this week. Going to hairdressers with friends (I can't remember accompanying my friends to hairdressers when I was 12?)Going to her musical theatre classes and having tea at friends. Going to an all day birthday gathering today... my goodness she's hard to keep up with some weeks:o)
  • I've finished crocheting some fingerless gloves for a friend
  • I haven't had much time to read and comment on many blogs but hope to catch up this weekend.
Cheerio and see you all soon, I'm off to my pre-mothers day gift of mosaic making today. Hope you all have a very treasured mothers day tomorrow if you live in the UK xox See you all soon.


  1. Goodness yes, you have had a busy old week! I hope your weekend gives you a chance to breathe and relax.

    When I was 12, I remember going with only my Mum to the hairdressers - in fact, at 12 I had my long hair cut as short as a boys...a decision I regretted immediately - I looked awful. I think my Mum tried not to cry. :)

    Love your flower photos - they look soooo beautiful.

  2. Hi Penelope, love the flower buds ...gorgeous photos.
    Had to smile at the "egg and spoon" photo, eldest just talked me into buying these.
    Alice's artwork is wonderful and new socks always make me happy too.
    Well done on the's a great time for yourself and always a sense of achievement once it's over.
    My Mum always cut my hair but at twelve I nagged to go to the proper hairdressers....though it would make a huge difference, but it didn't :0)
    Jacquie x

  3. What beautiful flowers and the little rain drops just sparkle ... and I love those buttons ... have a lovely weekend ... Bee xx

  4. Very busy your week, lovely flowers, nice socks (I need some new socks too)

    Have a great and relaxing weekend and lovely mother's day!

    Lluisa x

  5. Gosh, I'm exhausted just reading your list - I thought I was busy! I'm well jell of those gorge buttons and am uber impressed with your daughter's artwork xx

  6. One of my favourite flowers, Penny, I keep meaning to put some in but.....well, you know what I'm like (but I am 'on it', as they say!

    Love love love Alice's art work. Lx

  7. Fab, fab pictures. I love your daughters art it's great. Mosaic class sounds great, hope you have lots of fun!
    M xxxx

  8. Alice's mosaic is so sweet :)

    Teeth ... you can talk to me about it if you like, I'm having similar problems ... and if my mother says one more time, 'I don't know why your teeth are so poor, I drank lots of milk when I was pregnant with you', I might have to poke her in the eye with a stick, or something equally horrible. In my case it was child 4 ... I suppose I should just be glad they didn't all just fall out when he was born! Will be thinking of you, I know just how not fun this is xxx

  9. Oh my those buttons look stunning on the turquoise card!
    Love Alice's mosaic. Very sophisticated for 12.

  10. Love your button finds. And I have been itching to try those eggs - now I can justify it by saying its so I can get a lovely purple egg box!

  11. Hope you're having a great day, stunning flowers, isn't nature amazing?! :) x

  12. Lots of news, and lovely pics. I love the yellow buttons and the rainbows. I've always said if I was very rich I would wear new socks everyday, I love the snug fit of brand new socks....such a luxury.

    Good on you for the running, I'm not sure Iam built for running, but I've been thoroughly enjoying some 6-7 mile walks in a morning with my wonderful hubby, the uphills are not great at the moment, but getting there...

    Alice's social life is sounding a huge amount better than mine...hairdresser....I think I may have been her age last time I saw one, the beauty of having wiggly hair, it sticks out everywhere hairdresser or no!

  13. Hello Penelope!

    It's so lovely to be here this Sunday evening. Cosy with the dog snorring and your blog to read. First things first, PLEASE tell Alice her bird mosaic is truly a work of art and quite springlike too.

    You have all my sympathy about your tooth situation. I had to deal with bleeding gums once Angélique was weaned and I know how tricky it was confronting the problem. It cost me an arm and a leg, was very time-consuming BUT I really am heaps happier now the problem has been solved. One always wonders if the treatment suggested should be as costly... Anyhow, I am holding your hand and cheering you on here, Penelope.

    Thank you for sharing your cheery pictures and those yellow buttons are delightful, aren't they?



  14. Hi Penelope!
    Thank you for featuring our bamboo socks on your lovely blog - Great photo too! :)
    Best Wishes,
    The Braintree Team

  15. Wow, Alice is a talented girl - takes after her Mum I think. What a beautiful mosaic.

    Those buttons are lovely - and the ranunculus too.

    Good luck with the teeth - I am afraid to go to the dentist because I just don't want to know what needs doing. As long as nothing hurts I will go on happily ignorant....

    A purple box! Almost better than chocolate eggs. :)