Sunday 24 March 2013


This past week has been a bit of a topsy turvey one,one minute up, next minute down kind of thing. Life really, nothing too surprising in that.

I have managed to keep on track with photographing some of the simple happier moments of my week. My camera goes everywhere with me these days, sometimes I feel like a mad woman possessed by that camera!

Firstly, I bought some pastel yarns, some Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino and some millamia. I am not normally a pastel yarn loving girl but somehow these soft colours were just calling me. It might have had something to do with one of my colleagues telling me she was 18 weeks pregnant. I started thinking soft sweet baby skin and pink bunnies and so, this yarn was bought with my last few pennies before payday. I have been playing around with it, but will soon hopefully be inspired with what to make. Do you ever do that? By yarn just because?

My sweet Alice had a sleepover party to go to this Friday and so she rushed home on Thursday after school and before her musical theatre class insisted on making George (Georgina) a cake. She chose pastel decorations too! She is very thoughtful little girl and loves to spoil her friends.

Other than that it was a fun moment of buying some body butter from the Body shop (reduced from £13 to £5). I was instantly attracted to this colour of the blueberry butter and the smell, oh the smell is divine.

Alice painted a little birdie for granny and grampa in South Africa, we are planning a little parcel for Easter time.

Oh, and I indulged in my favourite sweet EVER. Double salted liquorice from the old fashioned sweetie shop in town. So bad for my teeth, but so tempting. I had a friend at school who had Dutch parents and whenever she went to Holland she would bring me some "drop", Dutch liquorice which I would eek out forever and never share! Fortunately for me, a lot of people don't like this sweet, so sharing really is never a problem :o)

Last, but not least I casted on at the beginning of the week and casted off (in bed yesterday morning)a sweet little cardigan for my niece who will be one in April. When I have done all the buttons and finishing touches I'll pop it on the blog. Such an easy, fast and satisfying little thing,definitely a pattern for beginners (pattern found here)

I'll say cheerio for now, won't mention the weather and will look forward to another week of simple happiness.

See you all soon


  1. Those Debbie Bliss colours are gorgeous - but you can keep the liqourice! Jane x

  2. Ummmmmmmm, the yarn looks gorgeous Penny and I can't wait to see what you make with it. I'm impressed you can knit so quickly....knitting always seems to be a long process to me...look forward to seeing that project too.
    Have a good week .
    Jacquie x

  3. Yum....I love that liquorice too....but rarely buy it coz once I start I can't stop! I can stuff three in my mouth at the same time, just for maximum pleasure. :)

    I do the same with fabric as you do with it just because. It's my crack. Heh heh.

  4. I love liquorice but never tried the double salted variety, I must keep a look out for some.

  5. The colours of the yarn are lovely ... very spring like and I love the cute little face on your crochet ... Bee xx

  6. Oh yes, I buy wool 'just because'.... what would life be like without such moments.
    Never heard of the double salted liquorice... sounds a bit strange, like salt water taffy.
    Lovely pastel colours, maybe it's an antidote to this awful weather that made them appeal?

  7. Good to hear you're on the up now, yarn and sweeties really are a cure all!
    Happy weekend x

  8. Aww your daughter sounds very sweet, none of my friends ever got their mums to bake me a cake! In fact, none of my friends who bake now have :p Tell Alice it was beautifully decorated :)

    Bargain body butter, bet it smells nice too.

    I always buy yarn - just because - but recently I've tried to be good & I'm having a de-stash, mainly boyfriend motivated who says we can't move with all the yarn I've got ;-)

    What will you make with the new yarn?

  9. I love the colour of that yarn , and that little face, so sweet! Alice sounds just like her Mum! :) x

  10. Buying yarn just "because" is my downfall as in I have drawers full of the stuff - I just can't resist I just love it. Reading this back I sound some what crazy but I'm not I just love knitting and crochet so much that seeing pretty yarn inspires me.

    love your post and adorable photography - I love liquorice too :)

  11. The pastel colours are so lovely,whatever you make with them, it will be great...

  12. I too buy yarn just because I like the look and feel of it without any idea of what I'll use it for. I really should find a pattern and buy yarn accordingly but I never do! And yes, salted liquorice is delicious stuff, and even better as lots of people don't like it!

    Gillian x

  13. Another salted liquorice fan here, and another hardcore yarn buyer!

    Bless Alice, what a sweetheart she is :)