Friday 29 March 2013

Spring clean

Rose captured outside Liberty yesterday in London on my way home from a meeting

Here's wishing you all a very blessed and peaceful Easter.
This morning started with some serious Spring cleaning in our home. Firstly sorting out the linen chest at the end of our bed. We live in an old Victorian house and have no real cupboards other than the one under the stairs which is full of our camping and DIY stuff! After a little moaning and push by Andy, I agreed to face the linen chest which I actually sorted out about a year ago and recycled LOADS to charity shops then, I was in a ruthless mood then, so lots went, however I didn't expect much would go today.....I am a sentimental old fool when it comes to memories and fabrics.
Ok, so I have to admit I love old linen, 100% cottons as bed clothes and Indian patterned cloths, African fabric and lots more....
I thought it might be fun to log some of the fun bits of fabrics/curtains/pillow slips/sheets etc here on my blog.

I think it's fair to say I like pattern a whole lot.
Much to Andy's despair, only half a black bag for charity has been filled. Well, at least he can see which pillow slip to choose from the 60+ pillow slips next time the bed needs changing! 
Last, but not least here is the Miffy I crocheted up for Alice at Christmas time (pattern found here) I think she looks a little sad but Alice loves her and made sure she has the number one place on her bed for Easter bunny time.
Thanks for coming by, welcome to new followers and enjoy your weekend.
See you all soon



  1. Some very pretty fabrics there. I wouldn't have been able to chuck them either!

    Hope your weekend is spiffy and lovely and features at least a few hot cross buns. :)

  2. I have a similar situation going on in my linen cupboard, but I live on my own so nobody makes me clear it out! Looks like you have lots and lots and lots of lovely fabrics. Like your crochet Miffy too, I might have to make one of those for a little girly I know.

  3. Ooh - they're beautiful - thanks for the Miffy link - I'll give this one a go!
    Laura x

    Blogging AtoZ @ChickLitLove

  4. Gorgeous pattern ... I love it too ... and the little Miffy is very cute ... have a lovely Easter ... Bee xx

  5. Well I can see why it's hard to have another clear out, and why should you? Some gorgeous fabrics there, and Miffy is so cute.

  6. I'm desperate to open up all my boxes of fabrics .. no throwing out I'm afraid but stuff I've not seen in months now. Next week when the children get back to school ...
    Happy Easter x