Saturday 2 March 2013

List love

So, yesterday I showed you my new book bought from here in Hastings. Its beautifully handmade with recycled paper and odd pages from map books, botanical books etc made by the gorgeous french artist Sophie Azimont.

It's going to be my book of memorable lists inspired by Pip Lincolne of Meet me at Mikes fame. I've looked at a few of her gorgeous books and have always read her blog and found her writings so relaxing and inspiring.

It's going to be fun to write lists about lots of fun and thought provoking things, together with a trip down memory lane about the various places I have lived and jobs I have had etc. I don't tend to write lists everyday, I tend to write them when I have too much buzzing in my head and if I have loads to do at work or at home they really help me focus and feel less overwhelmed with all that needs to be done.

I've started with "Things I do everyday". Already looking at it in this photo I forgot to add a few other things like hugs, reading with Alice, chatting to Andy about our day etc. Of course these lists are not exhaustive and are just an overview of my life, likes and no doubt there will be some dislike lists.

It's also given me an excuse to buy some more ink cartridges for my Rotring Art pen which is divine to write with. I love a little bit of ink on paper.

How about you?
Do you write lists?
Are you going to join in with Pip's idea?

Happy weekending everyone
See you all soon

ps. Did you spot that pretty pink floral vintage sheet which I placed my list book on? I'll very soon tell you about the story behind me acquiring this beauty x


  1. I write lists all the time. As you are writing in your post the are a big help to sort things out. The book is a lovely idea. :-)

  2. List writing -as you know - is very high on my agenda! And it is menu planning tomorrow. Just noticed your handwriting - this could have been written by me1 Quite strange seeing what appears to be your own handwriting by someone else!

    I love your book, I have so many journals, some full of drawings/ doodles, some pristine, waiting to be written in. Lovely, Penelope, shall enjoy seeing what you do with it.

  3. It's a lovely idea, perhaps I could add making lists to my list of things I just don't have time for right now ;) (Goodness life is hectic here at the moment).

    I love writing with my Rotring too :)

  4. Like your handwriting. Mine is childish - hardly changed since I was 13.

    I agree that a good pen is a joy... oh you make me crave a book of lists of my own!

  5. I'm always writing lists - it really help sort out all the jumble in my head! Mine tend to be written on the nearest bit of paper available though ( backs of envelopes, napkins etc.) but I love the idea of having them all in one place. I love those Rotring pens - always a treat to write with x Jane

  6. I make lists alllll the time, but they usually just get thrown away. I hadn't thought of 'prettifying' them but I have a few scrap books that would be ideal :D Thanks for sharing, I think I've got a new project now :) x

  7. i make lists in the evenings, especially on a Sunday evening planning in mind the week a head...some things never get done and some lists just get lost hehe...i especially love seeing others thoughts and hand writing...i always write in a gratitude journal, simple pleasures , happy thoughts , lovely things that happened. i love your creative book!
    thanks for sharing xx

  8. Came here via Lynne at Textile Treasury, talking about lists. I am a list-maker, but put this down to age and not being able to rely on memory as much as I used to! But there is something satisfying about making a list of things to do, then ticking them off as they are done. I love the idea of a book of lists, and so shall watch your progress with interest!

  9. My lists, to which there are many (terrible memory), are usually written on scraps of paper....then lost! You are going to have a collection of beautiful lists! :) x

  10. I love this! Such a great project and a gorgeous book to put it in! In years to come you'll look back on your lists and feel so glad you wrote them. What a lovely way to record those itty bitty details of life that so often pass us by unappreciated.

    Katie x

  11. Oh - this is lovely indeed - a gorgeous collection of words and images - perfecto! My other half loves his Rotring pen too and frowns if someone else attempts to use it. Then again he has beautiful writing - as do you - my writing is truly awful (not in the sense that it engenders awe!)and only I can understand it. I am left handed and always blamed it on that but then I meet left handed people who have beautiful writing.....
    Oh dear
    Best wishes