Wednesday 13 March 2013

Home comforts list

So, my lists are starting to grow. I just felt like doing this one as it's something I want to look back on in years to come as life and no doubt our circumstances change. For me, there is nothing more real in life than home comforts. There are more, but these are just some of them.

I must tell you that I had the most special day last Saturday spent making my very first mosaic at Janie's house. My goodness, its been a long time since I felt that chilled and peaceful afterwards. This is a sneak peek at what I made. We are all gathering this evening to do the grouting, I'm truly excited about this quirky little beauty.

I don't think I've ever enjoyed chopping up old and even broken antique plates before. Everywhere I look now seems like a potential piece of ceramic for another mosaic! I am very tempted to buy some of these mosaic nippers for myself. If I did, no plate or vase or cup would be safe with me around :o)

I'm so excited to see what it will look like after grouting and will no doubt be logging it here.

I hope are enjoying some home comforts in this freezing weather if you live in the northern hemisphere? I found it hard to think of Summer home comforts this week and mentioned a couple or so, but really want to do this in the Summer, when it feels so different. 

Right, I'm off to fetch Alice from her hair cut, I wonder if there will be a fringe or not. We debated the pros and cons last night! I got my hair trimmed this week for a mere tenner, (I only have a dry cut, I'm really not fussy about my hair, the more curly and messy it looks the better) it will be interesting to see how many notes I will have to pull out of my purse for Alice, she has cottoned onto the whole shampoo,cut and dry experience which I managed to hide from her till she was 10 (cruel mummy!) 

see you all soon


  1. Oh now that is such a tease! Really looking forward to seeing the finished product x Jane

  2. I'm liking the look of that mosaic ... I can't wait to see it grouted!

    My daughters spend a fortune on their hair - highlights, lowlights, and goodness knows what else, as well as the actual cut - but at least they have their own money to spend!

  3. Lucky you to have curly hair ... though you may not feel that way about it yourself sometimes. (I think we all envy the kind of hair we don't have ourselves.) Mr. M cuts his own hair and mine too (on me, he just chops it off straight in the back, then I do my own bangs and clean up any messy long ends in front). We aren't very stylish but we save a ton of money that way. :)

    Very excited to see what your mosaic will look like - and oh how tempting and potentially addictive a craft that could be.

    Thanks for your lovely list - I was working on a very similar (though shorter) one this morning to post tonight - all about warmth. :)

  4. I know JUST how you felt after that session with the broken china, that's how I feel after a successful day in my sewing room, or if I've been to a workshop. I collect old bits of blue china from our garden, and chipped plates with the idea "one day" I will make a mosaic for the garden. It so is going to happen!! Looking forward to seeing the finished article, Penny. Lx

  5. Oooh and meant to say I'm liking your list too. (I still find it strange looking at your hand writing which is so like mine!)

  6. I love lists. When I was at Salts Mill there was a book called Listography which was basically a book to write lists in and it had list prompts. I would like to write lists I think but it's a bit like when I have a new notepad, I don't want to start using it in case I ruin it or it doesn't work out how I would like it to be. I know that's silly!

  7. A new hobby, how exciting! And I'm sure that mosaics are as addictive too. There would be so much potential material around just asking to be transformed!!
    Rosie xx

  8. Oh, the great fringe debate! I often go through that myself, but I just have to remind myself of the terrible fringe disasters of hairstyles past, and to remember that my pathetic thin flimsy hair ain't made for the gorgeous thick heavy fringes that I so desire!!!! Forget all this plastic surgery and Botox stuff, if there was one thing I'd change about myself it would be the wispy mousey hair - oh well, gotta work with what mamma gave me, so it's back to the straight, varying length bob - huh! Can't wait to see the big mosaic reveal ... Xxx

  9. beautiful mosaic...i have lots of beach combing china and pretty glass...such a lovely way to use it...i love your list hand writing. ive started another scrap book notebook with positive things~ i seem to have a lot of these list notes in pretty books ;0)x

    1. i used to have a thing for as im getting older its books tehehe ;0)

  10. I have a bowl of broken 'bits' and keep meaning to do something about them.... one day!
    Love your list too.

  11. I'm going to have a go in the Crafty Club I belong these colours! :) x

  12. Can't wait to see the finished piece, it certainly looks good so far. Hope Alice's haircut was to your liking (!) and not too much of a shock on the purse! My son had his hair cut last week, then came home and cried, poor love.