Tuesday 19 March 2013

Three colours

I'm not myself today, feeling a bit blue and sad. I woke with the heaviness of life, fear I think. I remember this feeling all too well in my early twenties, fear can be so ridiculously debilitating at times. I remember fearing weekends in my early 20's because that meant that I would have time to think and become introspective and depressed. Work was a welcome distraction. And so, this morning I had to say hi ho hi ho it's off to work I go and a bit of the "feel the fear and do it anyway" kind of attitude helped me. The day got better and I've achieved a lot and now I can just return to the cocoon I came from this morning.

Tomorrow will be a brighter day, it will be ok in the morning.

I'm pleased I managed to make this cushion* cover over the weekend. These three colours are some of my all time favourites. I love mustard a whole lot and the combination of these three have comforted me in a sweet way today. That and cups of chai.

Thank you for letting me be me here in this space.
I'll see you soon on a more cheery note no doubt.

* the cushion was bought here


  1. Aah poop! I'm sorry you're not on top form. The grey damp days don't help much either, do they. Hope you do wake up feeling cheerier tomorrow...and your cushion is wonderful...love the colours. :)

  2. Hey Penny, been there, done that, and just when I think I've 'grown out of it' back it comes to bite me on the bum! BUT it does go. Or almost. Get to know it, kick it into touch. (I'm talking about the everyday, anxiety clutch-in-the-stomach here, not clinical depression.) Reason it out of your head (ok, so what today is making me feel anxious/blue? Nothing tangible? Ok , then I put it on the back burner, it's not gone, but it matters less.
    Choose - if you may - things which please you. See people who will reinforce your happiness not the other way round. Know that it will not last. Wishing I could squeeze your hand over the airways/blogosphere.

  3. Sending you a big hug! It's horrible to feel afraid, it can be an all consuming feeling. You've done the right thing, faced it head on, not let it grind you down! Focus on what's good in your life, and don't forget, being crafty is good for your soul, take care Sweetheart :) x

  4. Hi Penny
    That bolster is stunning. I love those colours too!
    I hope your week gets better.
    Big virtual hug

  5. Hello Penny, I'm sorry to hear you're a little blue, just remember Spring is around the corner and those days are getting lighter .. always good for the soul. Wishing you a brighter week x

  6. I know exactly where you are coming from Penny. Sending you a big hug and the thought that tomorrow is another day - it will get better xxx Jane

  7. ...also this link has really helped me in the past - I keep it in my 'favourites' x

  8. I have days just like that, I can't explain why, but sometimes I wake up and everything I do or see makes me anxious ... as you say, it will pass, hopefully quickly and you'll feel fresh and bright for the first day of spring tomorrow, maybe the sun will even make an appearance ...
    P.s. love the cushion and those buttons are adorable x

  9. Hi there, I am originally from your neck of the woods and have been reading your blog but haven't commented til now (shy!). I know what you mean about days like that, they creep up on you from nowhere. Crochet and knitting is supposed to be therapy, and with finished projects like your cushions I would be very happy! The colours are fabulous together. Here's hoping for some sunshine!

  10. What a lovely, lovely cushion - perfectly balanced colours and the buttons are just the right finishing touch.

    Sending you a hug, and hoping that tomorrow is brighter.

  11. Gorgeous. Cushion - I think you may have inspired me to recover my bolster cushion that I never really liked anyway.

    I hope today is a brighter day. I never really suffered from low mood before, but have it a lot now (the grief for my brother is never far from the surface) - like you, I just have to try and remember that the brighter days will come. xxx

  12. Sending hugs and smiles to you... Cass

  13. I'm sorry to hear that you are a bit down. As you're writing tomorrow is a new day, a new chance. Just be patient with yourself. We don't have to be cheerful all the time. Have a nice evening. Regula

  14. So sorry to hear life is weighing down at the moment. I try to think that next month (or week) it will be a different problem I may have to deal with - it's the only way I can rationalize. But of course when you're in the moment sometimes that's not always helpful.

    I love your cushion - the colours are lovely.

    take care,

    Nina x