Wednesday 6 March 2013


Two or three weeks ago I was walking home from the supermarket in the early cold and dark evening, when I was stopped by Naomi whom I have met a couple of times before. Once at a local knit and natter session in one our beautiful local yarn shops and then another time when I bumped into her somewhere else, in town I think. She told me that she pops in to have a read of my blog and this made me feel a little coy really. It's kind of weird to meet people who say they read my silly bits and bobs. It sometimes feels easier to hide behind a screen just in case you might not "live up" to the image someone may have conjured in their minds.

Does this resonate with you? Do you feel like this sometimes? 

Anyhow, I truly was lovely to see you Naomi and the fact that you were aware that I am planning to make a patchwork duvet cover this Spring and showing such kindness at offering to give me some of your extra/spare vintage sheets for adding to my stash of sheets/fabrics to make this possible!                   

So, a few days ago I noticed a slip of paper through my letterbox which said...

Like them? I absolutely LOVE them Naomi, thank you so very much.I felt like a spoilt child getting these. My goodness, I love this deeply altruistic gesture that you have shown me and such kindness from a beautifully creative person too. Thank you Thank you. 

Sheets, sheets, doobee doobee doooooo

My favourite has to be the pink floral one in the bottom left hand corner, it makes me want to round round the block and howl with nostalgia and love of things from the 60's and 70's :0)

How lovely was that? I love me a bit a kindness and altruism I do. Thank you Naomi for for your sweet generous gift, I hope your kindness gets paid back to you 100 fold x

I hope you've enjoyed sharing this lovely little event in my life, all I need to do now is sit down and get cracking at making the patchwork cover. Ummm don't hold your breath it might be a while off yet!

Hope your week is being kind to you too
See you soon


  1. Those sheets remind me of my childhood. We had all the ones you have there and my favorite candy stripe ones. And of course we had big squashy eiderdowns, which I am going to try and get this year. Can't wait to see you patchwork cover. x

    1. Oh boy, I have a rather large collection of candy striped sheets and pillow cases in my linen chest. I had them when I was growing up and insisted on our daughter Alice having them too. I equate them with a carefree happy-go-lucky childhood x

  2. What a lovely gesture - well done Naomi! I know what you mean about meeting people who read your blog - Mr K has been telling all and sundry about my latest forays and I find myself following up with very apologetic comments - 'oh it's nothing', 'you don't have to look' etc. etc. How silly we are ! I still love the candy stripe sheets from your above comment - and matching pillowcases! x Jane

  3. Wonderful sheets!

    I know exactly at you mean about hiding behind your blog. I tend to do that. Funny I was just standing in the kitchen waiting for the kettle to boil.....for my hottie.....and was lost in thought about blogs and bloggers and their real lives. It's. funny old thing, this blogging lark.

  4. Wow, wish I had a friend called Naomi too! I'm actually a very private person but I don't actually change, I'm the same on my blog as I am with my best friends or those I've just met. I'm a veery honest person, I am who I am, people have to take me as I am. I'm not embarrassed by anything I put on my blog, those who know me know I'm a bit quirky anyway...and they don't seem to mind! :) x

  5. The kindness of fellow bloggers and blog readers is perhaps the principle joy of blogging, don't you find. I feel privileged every day to be a part of this bloggy community, in fact I currently have my own thank you to pen. The sheets you've been given are quite wonderful.

    And yes, I do worry that if people were to meet me they would be very disappointed! But then I tell myself how silly that is :)

  6. A random act of kindness can really make your day can't it?

  7. How lovely is that Penelope. The suprise of it and the kindness. In amongst all the nonsense of life there are some truly good things too.