Sunday 17 March 2013


Some more finger less crochet gloves made for my friend Helen, her hands were freezing a couple of weeks ago, so only one thing had to be done :o) Made with a skein of Manos del Uruguay and some left over tweedy and cashmere yarn. 

Some of the sweet gifts received from Alice on Mother's day. She is a bit of a fan of Lush handmade cosmetics and I am pleased to see that she is starting to read up about and understand a little more about using cosmetics free from animal testing.

A polka dot jug from Age Concern charity shop for £1.49 to pop some Spring flowers in. My goodness its been dismally grey and wet this past week after the snow, I needed a colour injection like this.

See what I mean when I say its been grey!

Waking up to a huge bunch of opened daffodils from Helen's allotment and enjoying reading the Brighton Festival program which came through the post this week.

Enjoying seeing some of the daffodils reflected in the mirror of my mosaic I made last week. I think I'll be hanging this up in the bathroom, its sitting on the mantel piece for now while I make a final decision.

After the snow at the beginning of the week, some hints of Spring in my pot plants.

Parcels in the post and a tin full of sheer delights which deserve a blog post of their very own next week.

Last, but not least, two more printers "A" letters to add to my collection for Alice. I adore these and am always delighted to find different A fonts for our girly.

I hope your week had some little joyful moments in it too. I like doing this weekly recap and taking my camera about with me as it encourages me to notice the little things that I might not have if my week is a tricky or difficult one.

Thank you for taking the time for coming a sharing a few snippets of my life and for your lovely conversation. Always really appreciated. 

See you all soon


  1. It really is the simple things that us lot happy isn't it (I group us together in that as I think we all have similar genes!), a few flowers in a jug, an old beautiful tin, things we've made (lovely makes by the way!). I'm glad I like the simple things in life, aren't you? :) x

  2. I don't know where to start as it's all so lovely! That dotty jug is such a great find and I love the printer's stamps too. I hope you have a great week, Victoria x

  3. What pretty printer's stamps! I love that ... perhaps I should start looking out for letter T's for my boy. Hmm. You've got me thinking now! x

  4. I'm with Victoria, there are so many lovely things to comment on. The printers stamps are such a good idea - I wish I'd thought of it when my daughter was little. Can't wait to see what's in the tin though it's lovely in itself. And I'm looking forward to having a go at mosaic. I've had a small kit in the cupboard for ages but no time to do it - roll on Easter! x

  5. Love the crochet mitts! I have that same little red spotty jug and I love it too.
    M xxxx

  6. Hello lovely Penny! It's good to see you valiantly striding forth in this grey, dismal weather. Yes, cheery joy can be found nearly everywhere and your post here is a timely reminder that, despite the clouds above, spring is stirring. And who knows; without the cold temperatures you might not have made up that beautiful pair of hand warmers for your friend :-)


  7. Ah, roll on spring! The polka dot jug is lovely, and so are the fingerless gloves! I keep hoping we won't be needing scarves and gloves for much longer...but I don't think the weather is going to comply. M x

  8. Such lovely mitts - how warm your friend must be feeling now. :)

    Love those printer letters ... they make me think of stamping fabric.

    Have a wonderful weekend! :)