Tuesday 26 March 2013

Time for a little jig

Sometimes, my dearest bloggy friends I just have to sew a needle and thread in and out of fabric. I love the process of choosing fabric, scissors snipping, colours coming together and although not perfectly matching, being sewn together to create a work of pretty patches. Each with their own secret history and magic harmony.

One side Spring,the other side Summer. A perfect calling to mother nature to change her ways here in the northern hemisphere. I hope almost 3 year old Maddy likes my first ever patchwork cushion cover.

Please note that a little jig of joy was done when I realised that some of the patches joined just about perfectly!

Enjoy the rest of your week and see you all soon


  1. Before I'd read your words my instant feeling was of 'SPRING' what a gorgeous cushion, (lucky Maddy)

  2. Pretty fabrics, specially like the middle one on the 'Spring' side. Like you say, we could all do with a reminder that we are actually in Spring with summer just a few days away, though I expect some poor folks don't give a jot!
    And I don't think it matters that all corners etc., don't match perfectly. To many people that is the joy of a handmade item, if you want perfection you buy mass produced, everyone-else-has-one too stuff. This is an individual piece, and I am sure it will be snuggled well.

  3. Few things are as satisfying as a perfectly joined quilt patch corner.... :)

    It's lovely. I hope she will treasure it for many many years.

    And yes, come on Spring!

  4. Lovely patches - and great joins! What more can you ask for? Lovely, Penny. Lx

  5. I love this cushion. I'm sewing covers myself at the moment but it's taking me a while. I'm hoping that some of them will look as nice as yours when they're finished.
    Rosie xx

  6. Your first patchwork cushion - wonderful! May there be many more. Take care x Jane

  7. Penny it's brilliant, I love it! :) x

  8. So lovely ... I love the extra embroidery ... Bee xx